Introduction to Professional Communication

A little something I made for my poster making assignment. Diagonal lines make people uneasy, but I am not evil.

7 thoughts on “Introduction to Professional Communication

  1. Hahaha, this reminds me of my own assignment where we had to present our design and tell our lecturer what impression you were trying to give, and why you used this font, why you used this colour. Bleurgh. Everything had to have a reason. Sigh. Still haven’t got the grade yet. Ijap ku pulang, since I have zero to none creativity. Haha.


  2. Ehhh iya tu sama. Stress ku.. org lain lavish kali ahhh.. iklan diamond lah, iklan makanan desserts lah.. pakai PHOTOSHOP semua!!! hahaha. aku ani membuyuk sedikit. mengadvertise blog. own photo. pakai camera phone. CHEHHHH. eh aku pun alum dapat grade. nanti ku bagitau gradenya. hahaha.


  3. My lecturer gave a “F” to my classmate’s design and this is what he said..

    “Your colour combination is ok, your text is ok, you design is ok..But.. I have to fail you.”

    What stupid reason is that!


  4. Hahaha, kami memang jua Photoshop assignment. It was a fun assignment, though.. Macam.. siuk lah basically. I had fun with that assignment. I made mine look like a PostSecret-like wallpaper. Hahaha.

    Maybe the intention of what your classmate wanted to portray was all wrong? In designing, I was taught, it’s the impression that counts. What do you want to achieve by designing this? What feel/mood are you creating for the user? Ehh, I’m starting to sound like my lecturer, who I have to tell you, is one of the coolest lecturers ever!


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