The in-flight magazine

 Cover Page Muhibah March/April 2007: Do you recognise the picture? 😀

This afternoon I picked up my copy of Muhibah, which is the in-flight magazine of Royal Brunei Airlines. The March/April 2007 issue contained one of my firsts, this time a magazine article. 😀

Siam Reap: What Lies Beneath

It is a five-page feature I wrote with none other than Brunei’s award-winning photographer, Ahim Rani, who Turquoise and Roses had featured in past posts. I extend my utmost gratitude to him for taking me on board his project. I’m seriously honoured and I hope to work with more projects with him in the future. 😀

Sharpshooting at its best 

The article is about one of Ahim Rani’s travels, specifically to Siam Reap, Cambodia. I have merely put his adventures into words. Even though I have obviously never set foot in Cambodia, his pictures (there are more unpublished) had inspired me so profoundly that I could almost smell the waters of Tonle Sap.

Haha. One of the men in this picture is a photographer. Guess which one! 

In the magazine also, another blogging celebrity had scored an article, AND a translation to Malay. Brunei Resources also nailed the cover page (first picture)! Well done! In the superficial world of Maurina, that means “I am invincible”. Haha. He had also beat me to blogging about it due to time differences (he wakes up early and I wake up late). However, all the same, thank you for the more than warranted mention hey!

This is definitely a good day.

Photos creditted to Ahim Rani

8 thoughts on “The in-flight magazine

  1. Congrats on an article well written M! And Ahim’s pics are exquisite as usual! We amateurs can only aspire to reach the level that he’s on.

    Minor point: The caption on the last picture: “… The trip has reminded me to be how thankful I should be…” Was that verbatim or did it require a tad of editing?


  2. AnakBrunei, the caption is not 100% verbatim but veeeeeerrrrrryyyy close. It was originally half Malay half English, but I translated and cleaned it up trying not to lose the way Ahim told it to me… and the editors of Muhibah cleaned it up even further.

    Somewhere along the line…. error. LOL. *shakes head*

    Thanks btw!


  3. hey, im doing a uni project about brunei and its media for my assignment. i wanted to include brunei’s very own inflight magazine, Muhibah. i was searching for a photo of it in the internet n ur blog was in the list. if u dont mind, can i use ur photo of muhibah cover page for my assignment use? all credits goes to u and ur blog will be in reference. =)


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