Hah your students are bloggers

What’s not fun today is the fact that a certain Psychology lecturer suspecting (though if you ask me, he looked like he was sure about it) certain students cheating in our first MCQ test this semester. Therefore, the marks that everyone got from that test has been disqualified from the final assessment grade.

“After analysing the marks from the first test, I have come to the conclusion that some of you had access to this paper before the test”

What a gentle way to insinuate cheating, if there was even any to begin with. Sheesh.

Delicious cherry on top (gasp! sarcasm!): He’s replacing it with an essay due in 2 weeks. The angry class (of 200 people) is moving for an extension.

<edit> See i told you the class is angry </edit>

6 thoughts on “Hah your students are bloggers

  1. u r damn rite we are angry maw… it’s really not fair to some of us who study hards for the test. so, i trying to make a complaint to the HOD. i hope there is more back up coming up with me, as there are already a few of them.


  2. Erm, does this guy have any proof other than the results of the test? Sounds a bit subjective to me… Maybe the test was really easy?


  3. *gasp* did he even had any proof? Surely a professional would at least provide a more clear statement other than ‘menuduh’. Extend dang…exteeeenddd…


  4. Yeah, but…

    Nonnie (unintentionally) hit on something. If he’s making extra work for himself, he must have good cause to do so. He’s not doing it for fun.

    If the instructor considers it likely that a significant number of students cheated on that test (no, not everyone, but a good-sized number), he’s probably within his rights to discount those grades for everyone.

    If he’s seeing many people perform brilliantly on Test 1, and on Test 2, 3 and 4 no one does, he’s right to suspect something’s wrong.

    Saying he should only discount the really high ones isn’t realistic – how can he know for sure who cheated, and who just did really well legitimately?

    And it’s not outside the realm of possibility that many students cheated. It’s better he does something than “It’s OK lah” it and let it slide. Maybe he’s teaching a more valuable lesson here than Psychology.


  5. The test was probably easy for Biology students who incidentally got the highest marks because it covered the first chapter of the course: development of the fetus inside the womb. Others who like myself who are in fields as far away from Biology as possible (the fact that I didn’t study for it also contributed) to our lower marks. I only got 61% which is considered “average”.

    The highest however was 95% and the lowest was aout 30%. Thats a substantial difference so I’m thinking that might have caused his suspicions. Perhaps he wanted to balance it out with an essay.

    Oh I don’t know. I’m ok with this really cause I can now raise my mark to at least a B. *snicker snicker* Essays are my forte! However, I can understand how those who scored the high marks (especially the one who got 95%), would be angry. I’d be furious!


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