I think it is safe to say that I have writer´s block

In honour of my newly acquired part time job, here is an example of JANGLISH (Japanese-English) that I encounter so much when in Tokyo.

I miss Tokyo. Such a wonderful, vibrant city.

During our stay there, we stayed for 2-3 nights smack in the middle of Tokyo, at the National Youth Center (which is their version of the Pusat Belia).


Hehehe. This is not my room obviously it´s so clean, my window is about a foot wider, but otherwise it looks exactly like this. Ahem.

I can never again look at a bento box without cringing. After about 10 bento boxes with more or less similar contents, you´d start craving for IndoMee too! Can´t believe how much I miss cooking! It was the first thing I did when I finally came home.

I still remember this particular moment. I remember the smells, the colors, the sights, the sounds. It was so different, so surreal.

I´m usually not someone who likes gadgets that much, but smackdab in this huge city, even I am overwhelmed and excited. The technology there is just amazing. Even the little things amused me.

It would be a very long time before I´d ever go to Japan again. But I doubt I will forget the feeling, and the experience of being there like… ever.

All pictures taken without permission from Ariffin! Huhuhu careful what you put on Facebook they say. 😛

2 thoughts on “I think it is safe to say that I have writer´s block

  1. mau, i remember i think u were one of those yg join sseayp ryt? well, i’m going to have test n interview today!! any advise or tips?? :S


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