Sneak Preview: The ULTIMATE Foodie Bloggers´ Challenge

This is turning out to be a delicious April indeed! I am so much looking forward to the ULTIMATE Foodie Bloggers´ Challenge this Sunday. Nyum!

Tentative cover for the recipe book. Sexy right? Thanks Mr Funnyman!

Just some updates with regards to the recipe book:

  • We received a grand total of 47 recipes! About 17 more than our initial target of 30! Thank you very much for your support and contributions. I have been told that the quality of recipes are very high and looks like there´s going to be some very stiff competition this Sunday.
  • They have been edited and now sent off to our very generous friend Yana to do the layouts.
  • As soon as a sample is printed, we´ll also be securing an ISBN number. Well, I´m not sure what it´s for, but I definitely want it! 😀
  • Then it´ll be off to the oven for mass production in time for the Special Olympics Carnival. This first edition will be limited to 300 copies only!
  • As for pricing, stay tuned for now! But whatever the price, every cent will all go to charity. 🙂

With regards to the fabulous foodie event:

Foodies are expected to arrive at Senor Pablo´s Casa Esperanza at 4pm sharp!


I wouldn´t mind winning one of these: Some of the prizes is a designer-inspired ladies´ handbag, a mobile phone, a darlingly cute chocolate fondue set, designer platter from the I WANNA GO HOME shop in Singapore, coffeepot and mugs, scented candles, kitchen utensils. So exciting!

Prizes are lovingly sponsored by AnakBrunei, Arabfamilies and Simpur Blogging Nation and will be offered to the TOP TEN MOST POPULAR RECIPES!

Winners will be determined using a simple voting system: each attendee will have until 5pm to vote for their top 5 dishes.

Exciting things to look forward to: Chef Nash from Brunei Creative Chefs will be doing a live cooking demo before we announce the winners. His recipe will also be included in the recipe book.

Omigosh, I´m so excited! Bobby Chinn should´ve come to Brunei a week late. Heheh. I bet he would´ve contributed a recipe. 😉

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