Great Singapore Sale 2010

I actually went off on an impulse trip to Singapore last week accompanied with my eldest sister. And by impulse it’s very last minute! Haha. We were at a wedding and I was lamenting at how I wanted to go somewhere in June before I supposedly start working in July and she was like, ouh join me me me!! She’s off to Singapore for some facility management training thing in 2 days and so a few quick clicks on the Internet (spefically here) later I bought myself a trip to Singapore!

Of course, as some may remember, last time I was in Singapore was less than a year ago, during Halloween 2009 but I was still so excited cause it was the first trip I’ve ever taken with my sister since we went to Indonesia in like 1993! Haha!

We arrived in the morning and checked in the Royal Plaza on Scotts.

Room was pretty small but plenty of space for everyone and of course, it was perfect as it’s smack dab in the middle of Singapore’s famous shopping areas: Scotts Road, Orchard Road and Somerset Avenue!

So when I was there, while my sister dabbled in the fascinating world of facility management, I went shopping!

My day starts like this:

1. Wake up and get pretty.

2. Shop.

3. Rinse & repeat. 🙂

Just some places I went to. Highlights of the trip are as follows.

Ion Orchard: The giant mall place for rich people. Houses many brands including Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, Dior, Prada but no Gucci hehe. Went into some boutiques to send in broken bags.

Wheelock’s Place: Biggest Marks & Spencer! Loves! When we were there, big discounts were happening and that was awesome cause Marks & Spencer stocks some awesome pants I could wear to work! 😀

313@Somerset: My favorite!!! My favorite shop Forever 21 is here and all 4 storeys of it!!! 😀 I also think it is a sign that it’s named 313 after my birthday haha. Yes I’m so vain.

Speaking of vain, is this the shop of my long lost brother who became a designer?


Annnnnddddd I’ve ran out of photos.

Oh there’s the food we ate. I’ve found that there’s a lot of lovely Japanese food in ION’s food court!

Delicious Japanese sponge wafer with heavenly fillings!

TAKOYAKI!!! Loves.

And there’s Pastamania over at Far East Plaza. NOM! (No photos!)

Before you judge me for being a bad blogger, let me just explain why I have not many photos. Well, to put quite simply, cameras get in the way of shopping!!! Grr. So most of the time it’s in the deepest darkest corner of my handbag. My hands are full lah! Also I’m scared I’d leave it in the mall in the middle of shopping.

So some photos are from my camera, some from iPhone and some from Photo Booth. LOL.

That is all.

Abrupt end.


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