100 Day Project: Day 05 – A picture of your favorite memory

The first thing I learnt how to cook was instant noodles. Back then, since I was so short, I needed to stand on a chair in order to reach the stove. My nanny will grumble all the way from upstairs ironing room cause I call her down to switch on the stove (I didn’t know how) and interrupt her scintilating ironing session. Haha. I used to make really watery Maggi Ayam cause kids are not supposed to eat spicy, and then eventually moved on to Maggi Kari. Haha! I always feel like it is such an accomplishment! Nowadays, I feel rather ashamed of making Maggi Kari cause its so unhealthy haha. But I always feel pretty nostalgic when I remember that it’s the first thing I learnt to cook. Sigh! Why are yummy things always bad for us?

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