100 Day Project: Day 20 – A picture of somewhere you’d love to travel.

The Giza Sphinx at Sunset

OMG of course it’s Cairo in Egypt!!!!!! Not only to visit the ultimate wonder of the world: Pyramids of Giza!!!!!!! Faints. But also to visit the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities (cause there’re where all the treasures and the mummies are!!!), the Valley of the Kings & Queens in Luxor, the Nile which is only the longest river in the world!!!! Gosh. When will get the chance to go there? When the ticket fares costs less than my liver that’s when!

9 thoughts on “100 Day Project: Day 20 – A picture of somewhere you’d love to travel.

  1. Salam!
    Been there, and I still want to go there again!

    Though now, with the recent revolution, there’s more places to visit like Tahrir Square, for example.

    In fact, after the revolution, it will be a changed Egypt, insyaAllah, where there’s no such thing as sexual harrasment (I hope), I still could not forget how I was harrased when I went there at 15.


    1. Ouhhhh I want I want!!!!!!! Bah bah bah…. Let me check my leave and will give u some dates. I think I have some leave on the beginning of December. Huhuhu! U start cuti when?


  2. we used RBA & Emirates. Brunei to Dubai, using RBA, then from Dubai to Cairo, Emirates. bear it in mind, we stayed in Dubai for a few days dulu, before flying off to Cairo. we went there in December 2010. & we bought the tickets online, in May 2010. so it’s cheap. altogether, it costs less than B$1,700 per person for the airline fares. i think, this way is cheaper than using other airlines.


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