100 Day Project: Day 42 – A picture of your dream house

Kalim Beach House

My dream house is a small and cosy affair which is ok cause we spend 90% of the time outdoors. This is because it is a beach house, with a lot of windows, where I get to have plenty of sea air, and bright light but not hot at all cause it’s in the shade of a few beautiful trees. Don’t have many posessions inside, but there’s a big ass kitchen and I have a Dutch oven. Many people lovvve to come  and visit to just hang out cause it’s such a safe, warm and welcoming place, and because it’s so near to everything. Also, there are no traffic jams in the morning when I go to work. There’s no garden, but I have a few house plants. My two kids (who are not allergic to anything) run around on the beach like I used to in Danau, so they have permanently rosy cheeks. Internet is also extremely fast and one of my neighbours are musicians so I ocassionally hear beautiful music. And and best thing about this house is 70% of all electrical appliances run on solar power. Hmm, should I throw in an environmentally friendly jacuzzi?

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