100 Day Project: Day 61 – School class picture

School Photo: Form 1M (1997)

This is back in 1997, when i was in Form 1. Believe it or not, I was too lazy to find my old photos and so tried my luck Googling for it instead! What do u know? Found! Power of Internet. Haha. Anyway, during the process, I also found my O’Level results. Thought that was amazing! Can’t believe they still host results from more than 10 years ago! Hehe. Anyway, yes I went to SM Sufri Bolkiah and if you’re looking for me in this photo, I am the one with no colour on my face. Oh and just some trivia, I am part of the last batch of students in SM Sufri Bolkiah who were co-ed. As you know, SMSB is now a single sex school.The following year, all our boys moved to SM Muda Hashim, and all the girls from SM Muda Hashim moved to SM Sufri Bolkiah. 😀

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