100 Day Project: Day 63 – Sports awards

Sports awards

We’re not a very sporty family, or at least sports we do are not done on a competitive basis but rather, a need-to-lose-weight/have-to-cause-of-health kinda exercises. So a sports award is a VERY rare item to find in our house!!! I was rummaging through our house and showcases and I could only find academic awards. Speech competitions, wordplays, drama, so boring! Hahaha. I remember the only time our house was full of sports awards was when my brother in law used to stay with us. He used to get golf trophies, football trophies, medals and such. I was actually always quite amazed. Boyfriend’s house also has a lot of these trophies!!! Anyway, I guess it’s to do with the fact that we’re all girls and since I live far away from school, my mum didn’t always have time to send me for ECAs. Although I was part of the Maktab Duli’s hockey team when I was there. LOL. That was cute. Anyway, this is the only one sports award we had at home. Like literally, the ONLY one. I assume it’s my Dad’s. A silver medal for what I assume, football. Haha!

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