100 Day Project: Day 75 – You and a friend

You and a Friend

I just realised I haven’t featured anything with these girls in my 100 Day Posts!!! How blasphemous!!! I know it say’s “a friend” but I can’t choose between them! Hahah. I love these girls as we’re such a weird bunch. Atul is the logic mathematician who is always confused and can’t hear what we say (LOL), Dee the biker-bride-to-be who always seem to think we’re crazy but layan us all the same, Tina the incessant blogger and her randomness who always have me in STITCHES, Nonnie who brings in the Chinese perspective (hahaha), there’s Ness of Hayaa Musfirah fame bringing in the Mummy/married perspective, and then there’s me who apparently always make them all do things they never did before. Hahaha. We laugh so much when we’re together and it’s always over the SILLIEST things. In fact, we are probably the only people in the world who thinks FRENCH BRAID is funny. Girls, meet up soon!?

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