100 Day Project: Day 87 – Something you hold dear to your heart

My Precious

This is easy! I am probably missing my precious very very much now while I’m in Makati. My laptop is something I hold very very dear in my heart but it’s largely cause of my so called “Internet presence” largely attributed to my blog. I am not a hardcore blogger but I am not Maurina if not a blogger. Eseh. Anyway, here is a photo of my precious laptop with the new topcase and bevel. Now equipped with pink silicone keyboard protector to protect it from projectile splashing in the shower (which was why I had to get the freaking topcase replaced). By the way, just so u all know, I am a Mac supporter through and through and I cannot imagine buying anything other than a Mac. However I am not a fan of AVE. I hate it when the so called “genius” in the shops speak to me like I don’t know anything about my Mac. Child, I’ve been on a Mac for SEVEN years so I can speak Mac very well. I certainly hate it when they charge me $80 for 2 hours of labour supposedly to replace my topcase. If they lent me the stupid screwdriver I can do it myself in 15 minutes. TWO HOURS PAK YU!!! Never again!!! From now on if my Mac ever gets sick again, I am going DIY like I’ve always done no matter how much it costs and how mafan it may be! Hmmph!

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