100 Day Project: Day 94 – What you’re doing right now

Meeting Siti Nurhaliza

Feeling the afterglow of the Siti Nurhaliza meet. Haha. You know how they say it: angau. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to endure pushing and shoving to meet her at the launch of her makeup and skincare line, SimplySiti. Here we are looking positively like amahs next to her. It’s my first time to see her face to face like that despite being a fan since like forever and I am pleased to report that she looks EXACTLY like her photos in magazines. I can assure you, those flawless pictures of her you see here there and everywhere (Siti Situ Sana Sini, hehe) are not in anyway photoshopped at all. Many people around me are usually surprised if when they find out that I am a big fan of Dato Siti. Don’t know what is it to be surprised of, I listen to her songs all the time and they are all sooooo good to sing along to! Sometimes, me and my close friend Liyana would imitate how she speaks. You know that very rounded way she speaks, and how she refers herself in the first person, “alhamdulillah, album Siti yang terbaru…. bla bla bla”. Why? I don’t know. Haha. Anyway, yes I am a fan of Dato Siti.

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