100 Day Project: Day 96 – A place you went to today

Chef Wan in Brunei

Today, I went to the Empire Hotel & Country Club and had high tea with the awesome celebrity chef, Chef Wan! He signed the Simply Sedap! cookbook, of which between me and my sisters, have tried all the recipes in there, Julie & Julia style! That was great and am looking forward to try the Chicken Tagine and the Hot Spiced Apple Cake recipe. 🙂 Thank you DSTGroup for the invitation!

4 thoughts on “100 Day Project: Day 96 – A place you went to today

    1. im not even going to bother making the rissotto cause i dun want to mess with so much seafood. udang sotong ikan etc. so much to clean up. chicken tagine i want! 😀


  1. Nonnie, aku ampit ujung sudu ganya! Kapisan org2 atu nda kn ninggali~ Hahaha NYAMAN! BNR2!!!! Lets all try the butterscotch nyaman sekali!


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