100 Day Project: Day 97 – Something heart shaped

Heart shaped earrings

My earrings today are heart shaped! They helped me go through a very nervewrecking day: first day of work after being back from a long long leave so naturally could not sleep and had to wake up really early (but still woke up in time to experiment with my SimplySiti makeup). Arrived at work to find out only Michelle is in the office. Then, had to be an impromptu emcee (5 minutes before the event started) for a signing ceremony (not on home ground), in which I called the Bank by another name. Haha. This shock later induced a stress migraine in which it was so bad that I was actually seeing SPOTS. Migraine was further exacerbated by our first aid kit, which I had to get Keane (a colleague) to open for me cause I was really dizzy, and only to find out that we have ran out of Panadol. Thankfully, another colleague had Panadol cause apparently in the 2 weeks I was gone, she discovered she’s pregnant! Haha. Then had to turn down a lunch date with my sister cause I wanna sleep at her house during lunch. Then woke up feeling refreshed (thank god!) and rummaged her fridge and found cheese and yoghurt. Brought that to work together with a teabag of rosehip and hibiscus tea. So that’s lunch! Hehe. After that it was all fun! Even when going through over 200 emails and doing a lot of paperwork. I think it’s going to be a good week. 🙂

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