I am now doing an in-depth analysis of this novel. Just thought that is worth sharing.

Sigh. It ends pretty well but, well, on the way, there are major bumps.

Quite depressing really. It sort of left me feeling a strong emotion of longing.

I suppose that is the mark of a great novel. It changes you a bit when you finish.

3 thoughts on “Birdsong

  1. Is that always the effect that a good book or movie produces on someone? A longing for something unstated? I had that same feeling when watching Seven Years in Tibet, Empire of the Sun, and other movies. I also got that feeling after reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.


  2. I suppose so. It is like the character has developed so well that we felt like we know him/her in real life. That we were there at his lowest and gloriest moments. So when the end of the end of the book comes, we can’t help but miss him/her. Thus the feeling of great longing.


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