Please ululate in your own quarters

With regards to BR's post, I must say this in case anyone got the wrong impression in my previous post. I don't really have a problem with the dresscodes per se, in fact, I believe I comply to it most of the time (well okay fine, only on special occasions. I really don't want to get all dressed up for a one hour class in a dirty classroom and then go home).

Anyway, what annoys me are the posters! Aigh. Least is the fact that I actually know the models in the posters- they CERTAINLY do not dress like in the posters. It is like the top most officials in UBD gathered around for a meeting and said:

Person #1= Oh we haven't spent enough on useless things! We have a few more hundreds left on our budget!

Person #2= Really? Oh what on earth can it be spent on!?

Person #1= I have no idea!

Person #2= Oh I know! Instead of using that to improve the condition of our classrooms which are in shimble shambles, lets use the money to make something that will make us look good in front of the higher ups.

Person #1= Oh! That is a good idea!  Lets get some volunteers from the student body. They usually follow whatever I say without question. Just yesterday I made them stay back till 5pm doing my work.

Person #2= Excellent! Lets get down to it! Now lets have tea  and currypuffs while laughing and smoking in this non-smoking campus! 

Like I said to BR, I totally went over the top with the little play up there, but well, you know what I mean.

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