Who let the dogs out? (I couldn’t help it)

The media’s all hoo-haa because we actually have NEWS!(Well, you have to admit, we did have mundane, not-so-impressive things to read about the last few days). However, yes, BAM! Front page on the Brunei Times – there it is for all the world to see!

Obviously this is not the first time that the issue of stray dogs has been raised. Of course it wasn’t very attractive back then when teenagers (I suspect) were talking about it in the Opinion Page of the Borneo Bulletin and no sad pictures of school boy in hospital gowns occupy half a page on the country’s biggest (in size) newspaper.

I patiently await what the Government has to say about this.

It opens a whole load of debates concerning religious, moral, economic and ethical treatment of animals. Policy makers are pacing in their boots, well, at least they should be.



  1. Darn, they have boots? I want a pair! — Bimbo mode over, I think the stray bitch next door who had puppies are now all dead and she is always howling for them. Scary when she wakes me up with her howls at midnight.

    But my parents reckon they got poisoned because some of our neighbours aren’t too fond of them. One of my neighbours mentioned to my dad that he had set up traps with poison, or something of the sort, one or two years ago. Kesian kan? Sigh.

    Interesting thing, though, is when he got back from Hajj, he started feeding the stray dogs. He told my dad, again — hey, I can’t help it if my dad’s a good listener —, that something happened there and he wanted to be nicer to animals, even though they are haram and potentially dangerous.

    Also, the stray dogs I always come across are the ones that don’t look that scary and/or dangerous, as if it’s about to bite my head off. Maybe the kid ran and the dog gave chase. I’m too lazy to read the article on Brunei Times’ online, because they have a lousy job in organizing their articles.

    Unless they have changed the whole thing. Hm.



  2. That kinda bring back my sad memories. Living in a Malay neighbourhood, my dogs, usually stray dog which my mum just feed the leftovers, always kana posioned. Till my mum also give up and don’t wanna raise anymore. Thinking the more we raised, the more they died.
    The kids throw pebbles, make fun of my dogs. Argh.. I bloody agree with one of the opinion posted in BB today.. Proper education to children is neccessary.

    I believed dogs would not attacked human for no reason.. Unless its really gila lah.



  3. Awu, War, that’s true.. Animal shelters patut ada.. but the question then would be, what if there are more animals than the animal shelter has anticipated? I think stray cats should be taken in as well. Maybe if we lose a cat, we can find it in an animal shelter.



  4. Hmm, my lecturer just raised this issue just now on wildlife resource management, though artificial, we need to manage these stray animals. Strays contract diseases, most of the time, dangerous diseases, so you never know what kind of disease you might get when you handle strays.
    We terribly need a proper, well-employed animal shelter over here in Brunei, and that’s a fact.
    I agree with Tina there, the kid probably ran away, and then, the dogs gave a chase. I suspect that it is a dog pack, not just a single dog. It is their instinct as predators to chase preys.



  5. nyaman kali usulnya kanak2 ah..


    Dog 1: Hey that animal looks delicious

    Dog 2: Oh yes, and helplessly alone. Its parents make our jobs a lot easier.

    Dog 3: We should thank them for giving us easy prey



  6. There should be animal shelter in Brunei. Years back i’ve seen how they eliminated the stray dogs especially. They used blowpipes and machetes. Some inconsiderated people even poisoned little pups and it took them few days to die. Do they even know how painful is that? They are living and breathing the same air, they have litters, they feel pain. Don’t think we’re humans are superior because all of us are god’s creation. Don’t think they are haram it is right to abuse them, to starve them or even kill them. Where is our humanity? Don’t give me bull about animals don’t have feelings and such. Even rumput pun sakit kalau kana pijak. It is really sad to see all of these happening in Brunei. We can minimize the problems of strays by controlling them. Spaying and neutering your pets and not letting them out on the streets. I hope bruneians can be more considerate of strays regardless dogs or cats. Seriously i don’t mind volunteering in setting up an animal shelter. Anyone up for it? Hehe.



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