It’s called satire Joe: GOOGLE IT.

Well hello hate mail! This post of mine had elicited a comment from a Mr. “Joe” from FASS who wishes to remain annonymous because he’s telling me off. Rather fun isn’t it? Read on. Only yesterday was I yapping on the radio about me never getting any hate mail. Tsk tsk, I guess I’ve jinxed myself! Anyway, read on.

First he started of with:

  • Joe
    October 21st, 2006 at 3:18 pm · Edit

    hey maurina… ure da gal who always wants ’stands out’ -wearing thick mascara, thick make-up and oso wearing tight clothes?am i right??

I suppressed a cringe when I saw “the” spelled with “da” and the sweeping generalisation that I wear “thick mascara”. No, Joe, mascara is that thing you put on your lashes. That dark coloured pigment on my eyes is called the eyeliner. Or CALAK MATA to be exact. You know, the kind Middle Eastern women wear?

Then, whoa.

  • Joe
    October 21st, 2006 at 5:25 pm · Edit

    well…any1 who have blogsite…can do as their please…however… in ubd…ure like an attention seeker cos i remember seeing u around. n ure accussing fbeps for being an attention seeker…so yeah…wat fbeps are doing might be over da top…but dont u think, what they are doing are just making the atmosphere lively???having uni spirits.. making the best out of the best studying in ubd…

    having just one poster, is tat enuff to attract attention??hw successful was the FASS election??

    btw… u missed out the poster with the guys in… so the guys are selling their flesh too??? wat abt the banners they put up at the lamp-post at the junction entering fbeps parking lot??? i think u should take pictures of tat..n comment on it.. n perhaps u could go around fbeps n check out all the signs they put up… such as the testimonials boards… read tat up… tat pictures were not body shots…it was head shot…so wat would u comment on it???that they are selling their head???or they face???

    n maybe u could ask around, how did they get the money to actually afford the banners,the signs, the ipods….n fyi ipod nano is for logo designs…while ipod shuffle is for the lucky draw winner…so dont mix them together..cos its both different…

    yes i envy those fbeps ppl..cos they are actually making an effort to make their campaign successful…wat abt our faculty??? pink poster??? i totally walk pass it n not read it at all….n i neva notice it until u mention it…n our faculty are bigger than fbeps…shouldnt we have better campaign that those in fbeps…

    so y bitch around abt other faculty…when our faculty are not making any effort at all??? should give a thumbs up for those fbeps ppl…for making a huge effort with their campaign…cant fault them for making a huge different with their least it caught our attention…it certainly caught ure attention… wat about our faculty??? some of us didnt knw tat we got elected…n some of us dont even know when is the election day… ‘is tat wat u call uni spirits????’

Dui ma, I YEARN for the day where my readers used to solely consist of people with A SENSE OF HUMOR who would NEVER post anything like this! Did this post sound like I was actually SERIOUS? Even SHE (link removed by request of blog owner) wasn’t offended and she was wearing a “VOTE FOR ME” gray t-shirt today! 😉 (Hi you! Hehe).

Boring orang ani eh.

Oh oh, Joe wasn’t kidding though about them banners at the parking lot! IT IS REALLY THERE! TALL AND HUGE! And because Joe requested it:

That. is. basar. All I have to say to this is, if this couldn’t get them FBEPS students to vote, then I would just simply have to conclude that they are all VISUALLY IMPAIRED?




This whole hate mail business is quite funny. Ahh well, “the price of fame” as Miss Ness so eloquently put it. My comments really towards these “hate mail” as I’ve termed them, it is very hard to take someone seriously when what they care about are just inconsequential issues such as THICK MAKEUP and TIGHT CLOTHES. I have seen this, not only here on my humble blog, but a lot in Brunei.

In this post of mine at GVO, there was a comment regarding Datin Hayati in BR’s blog during the aftermath of the MIB Forum Perdana (which he has already deleted from his blog):

Its always been a struggle for women to be included in the Boys Only Club. I dont know why. Why do they want to join the Boys Only Club? Men dont want to join Women Only Club as far as I know. Whats her intention?
I remember last time our Mufti said something about women in the judging business should adhere to Islamic Values including to wear a hijab. Anyone remember about that? I wish she turn a corner and wear a hijab all the time and not only during official function.


Aside from the obvious sexist comment, again, a focus on minor issues which should be on the sidelines. Why is her personal choice suddenly brought forward as if it hinders her ability to become a judge?

How fair is that?

Therefore, construct real arguments. Stay on the main topic. Avoid throwing any personal attacks. Be coherent and clear. Make sure there are no grammar/vocabulary faux pas. Because really, if you don’t, no one would ever take you seriously.

54 thoughts on “It’s called satire Joe: GOOGLE IT.

  1. hi back! *hehe*..erm….do me a favor, don’t link to my blog. personal reason;)

    To joe, whoever u are*LMAO* maurina suggested, u should purchase a sense of humor.


  2. I can’t help but to laugh out loud reading their comment. i can’t believe~ how SERIOUS ppl take it. Mentioning about khalifah n ol. hey, it’s just an election. loosen up peeps!gosh..*haha*


  3. first of all..thank you for correcting me the differences between mascara and eye-liner… i guess my IQ on beauty products are not up to date..since i am a guy..who doesnt care about those…

    good that you manage to take the picture of FBEPS poster at the parking lot… and where is it located??? at FBEPS ground is it not???it did not cross our border…n perhaps u better correct your sentences about are FBEPS students blind…because if im not mistaken…one of them is..and ‘yes people, i see there’s no point of me bringing it up here- but hey its better to be safe than sorry-because those who are visually impaired do get offended, n they do surf on the net,bcos the senior in fbeps who is visually impaired does surf and since fbeps are small ‘they would talk’…. so, what about those poster we can find at the road sides esp:at gdg???? their huge…some even have full-body pictures…should we tell ‘them-off’?

    btw(or is it wrong for me to used abbreviation??)anyhow…by the way…with your request i did google it… here it is,Satire is a technique of writing or art which exposes the follies of its subject (for example, individuals, institutions, organizations, or states) to ridicule, often as an intended means of provoking or preventing change. The humor of satire tends to be subtle, using irony and deadpan humor liberally.

    and also…what about the guys poster???how come you didn’t check it out n comment on it…whether they are selling ‘their flesh’?? n also, the poster at the lamp-post…i think there are two…you could have taken pictures of it.. and say ‘fbeps students are over-doing their campaign’…and as i said at my previous post…i did agree that fbeps were over the top…did i not??? and you are claiming my post as a ‘hate mail?’

    i think i did mention ‘that our faculty should make an effort with our campaign’…and FYI i am not pissed…or i might sound like i am, but its just embarrassing, that a representative from our faculty are actually insulting people’s effort, or maybe in your sentences would be ‘satire’…honestly speaking, i know alot of fbeps students and i bet you do too, but what have they done??? just being ‘super-over’ with their election??god…if it was FASS who did that sort-off campaign i would be so proud (i bet you would not call your own faculty as ‘whoring’ and ‘attention seekers’)…it really shows ‘some school spirits’ and yes people i keep on talking about uni spirits…but honestly, life in UBD is quiet..dull…nothing much going on, unless you just hang out with your friends, not all bothers reading those A4paper post on the wall and wasting money…because Bruneian are known to just waste their money…

    i had a confirmation from one of the student in FBEPS that, the whole campaign are privately sponsor…and those people who are involved with the committee did fork-up their lunch money to make the campaign successful…did they get the money from UBD???answer is no,they did not. so yes money is the root of all evil…but in Islam, we are also advise to ‘sedekah’, and since its bulan puasa…lagi berkat… so, would you want to fork-out your money to make you campaign successful?and them giving out prizes, is what you can call ‘motivation’ ever studied business in 0-level or A-level??? well i did, and price-giving is like a motivation boost to everyone, and did u check the respond the campaign got from fbeps students??? a huge success i might say…seeing, all those fbeps students actually lining up to cast their votes…some might vote because of the ‘gifts’ but others are merely voting their friends…just for fun…

    duii maa…it would be a joke.. if you wrote your article/post right…to you it might seem like a joke..but to others, they might not agree with what you say…and yes you do have ure freedom of speech here,since this is your blog,and you can have a say with what you think…well…perhaps you should argued that our faculty should try to out-shine those fbeps people…and not called them names ‘whoring’ google it if u dont know the meaning..but i bet u do know what it means…since your english are way better than mine…

    next time…its better to know the facts first before accussing….and go audit them if you must…since the campaign was done by the students of fbeps effort and also the private sponsor…rather than hating them, we should learn from them…


  4. hahahaha, yes lizzie we have to spice up our lives sometimes!

    syaz, awu, I’ve always wanted to say “pull wedgie…buttcrack” and had a giggle while typing, but the reaction to that was PRICELESS! Hahaha, ada kah sexual approach. Hahaha. HE LIKES IT FROM BEHIND


  5. to syaz…i do have sense of humor…but i just dont see the point of calling ure own faculty as ‘attention seekers/whoring’, n yes its just an election…however, you were just one of the candidates…did you not know how much efforts your seniors did?? i would laugh if its ‘tat’ funny…but would you want people to laugh or insults, you’re effort???(and yes,its just an election)and i know you were not offended with it, but thats just one person opinion…

    maurina…you do whatever that pleases you…for it is your blog..and im just an intruder commenting on your ‘satire post of ures’ but seriously… its better we out-shine those in fbeps…then labelling them…


  6. Yes JOE, your comments were seen as hate mail by the simple fact that they are directed at ME, personally.

    First of all, it is not your IQ which is the problem, it is your IGNORANCE. I choose to consciously ignore your comments about the blind simply because I would find that offensive as it attacks a specific friend of mine.

    I would’ve thought after Googling “SATIRE”, you would at least get a vague idea of what the message I was trying to convey in my original post. But no, thickness seem to be prevalent in you, I’ve noticed.

    I am NOT a representative of YOUR faculty. I am an independent media with a camera and a website that has a readership of at least 400 people a day. I will report what I want, yes, with whatever writing style that seem most fitting at the time.

    I like to bash the FBEPS for the sole reason that they are small and they attract attention, which is a compliment in itself. With my post, I have done nothing but garner more attention towards the campaign. I have merely become the pimp to the whore.

    Furthermore, I have done nothing but compared the stark contrast between FASS and FBEPS’s campaigns.

    For YOUR information also, I do know that the campaign is privately sponsored although that is irrelevant. I know my facts very well and that is how I have gotten to write my post. By putting in every single opposite thing there is about the two campaigns.

    It is you who need to know your facts better.

    My article although is supposed to be funny, it is not a joke. It has a lighthearted tone (which you have missed) with an underlying seriousness (which you have also missed judging from your responses).

    For the record why should I argue that FASS should “outshine” FBEPS? Do you not think that that decision should be made by those in the FASS Student Body and not me? I am sure they are capable of thinking for themselves no? I need not tell them what to do.


  7. Ness: yes panjang yet clueless

    Joe, what is it with you and WE. Need I reiterate that I am NOT a representative of FASS. I remain independent. Yes, so outshine the FBEPS all you want. And when you do, I’ll blog about it!

    If there is another word for advertising, its attention seeking. Whoring is stylistically crude, but the meaning is the same.

    Plus don’t kacau my readers they have their own BRAIN.


  8. well congrats on having 400readers a day…and yes i am ignorance…and sorry for directly making my comments towards you..n as i mention earlier..

    you’re english is far better than mine, and yes the thickness have prevalent me…
    i hope u and every1 else enjoyed the counterattack that we both had…and if i offended you, i am sorry.and also sorry for the earlier remarks i said,well u do look like an attention seekers…but as people always say..’dont judge a book by its cover’.

    the purpose of me saying this, is that i step over the line,by commenting on ure post, and by intrudering ure site…and now i would admit defeat..yes people im admiting defeat..bcos…this is not my site, and i should respect the owner of this site…and since i dont want to make it a huge issues…cos as syaz said ‘hey its just an election’ and im making a big fuss out of this…so bad…for supporting FBEPS..

    maurina..Selamat berpuasa and Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin…may u have more readers in the future…and sorry for the misunderstandings. and people…enjoy reading my long post…yes Nes..panjang post ku… well to every1 who got offended n think i have no humors…well as i said..’my bad’…hey as they all say..’its just an election’ why make a biggie out of it…


  9. Kesian tah bunyinya nah~
    It’s ok for u to support FBEPS*iski kn sambung ceta* hahaha.

    Anyhu, Slamat Berpuasa & Slamat Hari Raya..
    MAAF zahir & batin to everyone;)


  10. Heheheh… very entertaining exchange.

    Always makes for good entertainment when one realizes they’ve put their foot in their mouth but keep muttering their denial that they have put their put in their mouth, with their foot still in their mouth. It kind of sounds like, “Ngo! I giggen kuk ngai fook ing ngai ngough!”

    On another note, Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin to you and yours Maurina. Ikhlas daripada Reeda@AnakBrunei serta keluarga.


  11. Marah jua si joe atu eh. chillex men.

    Maurina, u should just learn to ignore. jantah di bagi mua urang cani ani.. huhuhuhu… mikin kau layan mikin kan. cua ko liat tu berapa kali sudah ya mengomment ah. hahaha. tapi ani bisai ah.pandai ckp sorry. huhuhuhuhu.

    Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin my love.

    si Joe atu jua eh. Selamat Hari Raya!..tee-hee.


  12. hehe.. i think Joe is halfway in love with Maurina.. *im just a hopeless romantic*..and i love arguments..
    anyways Happy Eid Mubarak Maurina N Joe. 🙂


  13. LOL. i didn’t vote! for the record though, i am somewhat bular hehe

    isn’t it funny that the few people who object to your fbeps bashing aren’t actually from fbeps? 😀 heck, i’m on the committee and i find it funny.

    so you seeee, we may be attention whores but we know how to laugh, and that makes up for everything =P

    (and selamat hari raya too!)


  14. patut pun ko akhir tidur semlam ani keraja mu. Eh bulan puasa lakat eh inda bisai. Things should be taken light heartedly no? Everyone has their cuppa tea in certain things.

    Di – good on you for being a good spirit.

    Bisai pun cematu hehehe..


  15. Joe: Dui lillah nak, awu ku maapkan. Nahhh, bisai tah macamani. Ku ignore tah tu passive-aggressive undertones dalam post mu atu. Selamat hari raya. Adang tah ahhh.

    Bin Brunei (Anak Brunei): Selamat Hari Raya to you too. Mudahan jua esuk ah. Hehe.

    Sash: Hehehe awu eh, aku ani ku layan. Krg ucap nya ku lampuh. Adang kami ni udah. SELAMAT HARI RAYA TO YOU TOO? Habis sudah biskut kamu? Ujung2nya menghidang TIM TAM ni kamu ah.

    Si Rose: Hahaha, eh mau ya kan panjang2 – hatemongering. Eseh. Benci halpway in lap. Hahaha. Macam crita kaling saja. Disclaimer: Usage of kaling here is not derogatory.

    Di: WAHEY COMMITTEE FACULTY SERBA KAYA DAN BANYAK USIN! Nantitah ku minta passing ilmu. Yes, a sense of humor makes up for everything one lacks. That is a fact, seriously.

    Dee: Hahaha, *guilty. Awu eh yatah astagapirullahhhh puasa eh puasa.


  16. Ehh.. bisai hatemailnya ani pandai apologize. Suka ku. Dulu one of my ‘hatemailers’, calling me “fat cow”, just disappeared. LOL.

    Awu, baiktah branti sebelum touching on other subjects like how your feet look bigger than the rest of your body. Ronald McDonald!



  17. Eh? My comments hilang.
    I was commenting “Now I wonder who’s the attention seeker”.

    But, now peace already. Better not say anything to add oil on to the fire eh.

    Hehe. But I enjoy the arguements tho.


  18. Oh my~~

    Sometimes, I get embarrassed having a ‘Joe’ in UBD…banar… It’s just typical…I wish there are more ‘Maurina’ inUBD…then maybe we’ll have more ‘intellectual conversations’ which are more productive than ‘gossip mongering’ all the time discussing what nots…


  19. Tina: NAH! Eh aku yang paling ku ijap ni anu yang pisin mengucap lampuh2 ani LOL

    Nonnie: Hilang? I don’t delete one ahhhh. WordPress’s fault tu.

    Adorable & Dee: Antah ya anak ani. Tidur tia plg.

    Cikgu UBD: Aisehhhhh, banar banar kah apa ni. There are alot of intellectual discussions in UBD. Having more Maurina’s will only turn it to become more like a circus (thick makeup). Hehehehe.


  20. Oh my, oh my. I see your comment box shot up to about 70?? I didnt know that topic would generates that much interest, maybe I should blog something about that too LOL

    What’s even hilarious is when I got a message telling me, who is as far in bris that there’s this blogger causing havoc among certain minority. HAHA I guess some people just don’t catch the humor. Well, It gets one to know one.

    Yea maw, I’m in brise now if you didn’t notice not seeing me around. Otherwise, How could they missed out on me? hahahha =p

    Selamat Hari Raya, Maap Zahir Batin =D


  21. Wangee? SERIOUSLY? Wahlau! Blog about it. Copy paste the message. LOL. Eh rupanya in Brissy!!!! I thought you were in UK! 🙂 Having funn? Coming back for summer are you? Because if you are, join the December girly bloggers gathering!


  22. ~~Hehe… Intellectual conversations fueled by more Maurinas making it more like a circus…. Hmm…. it is actually not a bad combination… After all, all work and no play makes Jane a very plain gal…innit? Oops, isn’ t it? 😉

    By the way, I like reading your posts… a ‘mind opener’ (if there is such a word)… a great avenue for thought-provoking discussions.. if you were to be in class, you’ll definitely be one of my favourites! Hahah, boh, cikgu nya pilih kasih… nda buleh tu… but then again, which teacher doesn’t like a clever student ah?


  23. Though all play and no work turns Jane to JOJO. Apakan. Haha.

    Thank you for tuning in! I do try. HEHE. KAMBANG NI INDA MUAT PINTU. Shussshhh, all teachers pilih kaseh. But it’s a secret. 😉


  24. Eh? tak nak. I don’t have time to layan those hatemails karang kekeke. Yups, the rest in uk just abandoned me like that – bitch! hahaha. Not too bad, but I miss seeing the usual crowds in ubd huhuhu.

    Yes, I saw the banner. My first thought was How much fun you girlss are gonna have!!! cuz I’m not going home for summer.. bummerrrr =(


  25. Maurina: teruk eh, that guy. He’s making a big deal out of the whole bashing other faculties thing.

    Joe: If you want to make a difference and make FASS stand out, join the FASS student body as part of the Publicity Committee then. They’ll want people like you. Maybe by joining the student body, you’ll not only notice the adverts and posters, but also the be the one responsible for making them.


  26. You’re getting so popular these days that stuffs like this are practically undeniable. =)

    You speak with a sense of truth and honesty, and of course, there would be a couple out there who don’t like it. Get over it, and remember one thing “there’s always more people who love you, than those who hate/dislike you. =)”.

    Ever see any celebrities withut a hater? No, haha, not even a teacher(not celebrities, but have to face many students) can make all her students like her eh? =)

    Btw, you’re Brunei Xiaxue (, haha. Stay strong! =)


  27. Ever see any celebrities withut a hater? No, haha, not even a teacher(not celebrities, but have to face many students) can make all her students like her eh? =)


  28. some debate we got here…anyway to Mr.Joe…thanx for the support man(we salute u hehehe) from fbeps secretariat…still there’s no biggie…as some stated..its just an better not take it too personal, ok dude..becos we’re not..and heck we’re the one who organize it and yes there was alot of effort done,i for one didnt sleep for 2days,and was it worth it?Hell yeah..hahaha..and if u decide t0 help FASS with their election,just come over and we’ll help u out=)

    wangee…u brought my book all the way to Bris???hehehe…


  29. Wangee: Alaaaaa. Hehehe.

    War186: Awu eh. 😛

    Sash: Awu jangan saja behidang GULA GULA HACKS sama AYING SAJUK.

    Amieheidi: Awu iyatah. Heheh. Dulur ya.

    IngSiang: Aiseh. Xiaxue is it? Hehehe, a miskin version. Like I said, the price of fame. Hehehe.

    M4eva: Bahhh, baik ditengkyu tu urang support kamu ah

    Unharm: MANAAAA SONNNGGG??? I want!


  30. omg!! hahaha! memajal jua si awang atu! hahaha! let it go dude! just let it go! haha! u do ur thing, and maw can say whatever the hell she freakin’ wants! if you don’t like what she says, then bugger* off! (*i really much like to use some other words but shall restrain myself..) you’re taking things way too seriously and the personal attack on my dear friend is not appreciated at all dude.. why do you care what one person thinks anyway? i’m sure you’re doin’ a heck of a job so, just do it and don’t let other people’s comment drive you to this ridiculous outburst! so shooo!

    haha! sorry maw.. just a short msg to our new friend there.. my gosh maw.. ada org anti kau.. haha! sigh.. the price of being a journalist.. hehe.. cali cali..
    ps: selamat hari raya maw… ‘:)


  31. hehehehe just here to be the 49th.. Syok membaca nyamu.. cian c Joe.. anyway, speaking of attention seeker.. banyak tu duduk2 d Clt.. esp this muslim guy yg smoking masa bulan Ramadhan..


  32. Dear Joe

    I think you need a wank.

    Could you repost and reword your post?

    cause All i see is

    “Blah blah blah, whiny whiny whiny”

    Btw Joe (that’s not your real name, is it), Selamat Hari Raya~!

    Minal Aidin Wal Fa’idzin =)



  33. hehe~ sorry hun, the first thing i noticed was the really crappy grammar. Umm.. sorry whoever but hahaha~ it was seriously a worthwhile read. Keep your bloggers entertained Mau. WE love your blog regardless. And to Joe, dude, we’re not taking the whole FBEPS bashing seriously. It’s just food for thought. It IS about time that we crawl out of the whole conservatism in UBD and talk about things that can actually generate REAL interest. Who wants to read about gossips that boy with this girl etc etc. There’s no fun in that. Hehe~

    Selamat Hari Raya Maurina ~ And to all the readers of – Happy Eid Mubarak 🙂



  34. Sham: Awu chali. Hehehehe. Selamat ayi aya to u as well!!

    Goose: Eeeeeeh, yakan. Boring jua laki2 atu. Gian banar jua ya kan besigup LOL. Mestikah besigup di CLT. Atu baru ya attention seeking.

    Airul: Hahaha. Awu, uptight banar.

    Goth: Me too. I had to read like… 4 times. LOL. “It IS about time that we crawl out of the whole conservatism in UBD and talk about things that can actually generate REAL interest.” EXACTLY YEAYYYYYY!!! EXACTLY!!!!


  35. HAHAHHAHA!!! baru tah ku mbaca this bit lapas raya ani!! cali jua c-joe guy ani, the contradictions made me galiati and begaru ditempat2 yang inda gatal.. Sudah nya minta maap atu mbari kesian tia tapi comments awal2 atu ada jua mbari rasanya kan keluar flying kick jet li.. Nah.. famous tarus ia masuk blog ani..

    Dayang Maurina eh, aku pun kan ikut BE-CALAK MATA tabal2.. sunatttt kali ahhh.. bulihhhh… hehe.

    Btw, Datin Hayati is just the best judge ever.. you can count on that!!!

    Bah, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. Maaf Zahir & Batin ah!! hehe..


  36. hahaha ketinggalan aku ah baru ku read ni cetanya..slalu plang ku dangar..aku atu tadi search arah google for kristal fm skali c maurina punya blog
    was on the third list..baru tah ku tejumpa blog ani..anyways dis gos to “JOE JAMBUL” i dont talk..but my hand does..=)


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