Brunei Marathon 2006

Since I was too sleepy and too fat (rather ironic, since running is used for losing weight) to join this supposed huge Marathon (at my defense, at the time of the Marathon’s registration, I needed the money for a hair emergency), I’ve sent (:P) my undyingly faithful friend cum undercover agent for Turquoise and Roses to take pictures of you skinny people running in the event.

You think I have no charms eh? Well check out these pictures!

Waking up early in the morning is never one of my strengths. Even when the designated place is full with strong men in shorts (see below for thighs).

THe general public was also very fortunate that I had not participated in this Marathon. It was raining yes, but before that it was rather… humid. Needless to say, my very frizzy hair will poof up 40 times the normal size. Yes, volume. I have saved up space for at least 12 mega sized persons.

Oooou, wet women in the colours of the Standard Chartered Bank.

Not to mention that my total height will only come up to these guys’ ankles. (P/S: Hmmmm, eh pakai kerita kali agent ku ani eh! Tebubut jua ya urang Kenya!)

The following shots are shots of victory.

For those of you who has not won a single thing in your lives, you can’t possibly imagine what is on this particular man’s mind.

Except that it will probably be in some Kenyan dialect.

And no. I don’t think he’s thinking about the money. Money does not breed that serene and calm expression.

Here he is, Wilson Chepkwonky, overall winner of 42km Male Open Category.

She’s skinny. Enough said. Ya ya, more shoes for her. 😛 Mary Akor, winner of the Female Open Category.

And here, time literally stops. Sefli Ahar, ladies and gentlemen.

Congratulations everyone who participated in this event. Kuat batis kamu.

I heard some things about the event being disorganised and people running 50 kms instead of 10 or something because the marshalls were not being very helpful. Nyehehe.

Rano was there so you go on and read his coverage.

Runners complained to the organisers of the lack of direction of the marathon route. Some checkpoints were left unattended and some of the directions on the route were worn off by the rain. A few of the Kenyans also blamed one of the sponsors for not keeping to their promises regarding their flight tickets. What was another sad moment was when less priority was given to the late-finishers. The committee couldn’t be bothered to guide the rest of the “finishers” to the tent to register their results.

Scary. And rather embarassing too.

For more pictures of the Brunei Marathon 2006, please redirect yourself to Ahim Rani’s Pbase. 🙂 

11 thoughts on “Brunei Marathon 2006

  1. Ohhh no no, I was at home lazing about (sleeping really). Haha, but my photographer/secret agent was there. So u didn’t miss me! (U CAN’T MISS ME! I AM THE BEST ATTENTION SEEKER IN BRUNEI!) Huhuhu.


  2. You must be one of those “girls with big expensive cameras” that hubby noted that day 😉 If I live in Bandar, I’d probably be one of the “girl with (not so) expensive camera” taking pictures left and right. But unfortunately, I get to sleep till 7 am as the weather was so sleeping conducive.
    BTW, and I like the picture of the group of Kenyan that you took.


  3. No no! Hahaha, all photos are creditted to Ahim Rani. Nice ah? He’s the photographer. 😛 I dont have an expensive camera. In fact, I dont even have a camera. I have a camera PHONE. I do however, have expensive bags—> which is where all money should rightfully go! Hehehehe.


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