Old room at the Good Times Hotel

Yeah, you read right. It’s really called the Good Times Hotel. Its located in the Karol Bagh area, so only a few blocks from it, is a great place to shop.

Yes those are jeans and yes a some part of me is in this picture. However! Let me draw your attention to THE GOLDEN SHEETS! Nyahaha.

Yea that’s the bed. Again, my jeans, and Baby the Laptop. No I wasn’t running around in my hotel room bottomless, I changed okay.

(Picture blurred on purpose so you cannot make out the contents of my suitcase, not that I brought anything interesting.)

Exciting. A TELEVISION. It has about 1000 channels (exaggeration obviously) of which only 3 channels are in English. While I was sick and bed-ridden, I watched TV all day so trust me when I say, they have HINDI-DUBBED DORAEMON.

The Indian Government made sure everyone knew their Hindi.

Closet space! Sometimes pictures don’t really need captions, like this one but hey, I need to mask badly taken pictures with my wittiness. 😛

So yes, this is where I was staying from the 15th to 19th of December.

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