Me es cheeky

Nyahaha, I’ve been testing out the new (beta), the first ever blogging service in Brunei, open to public, and is not tied with any commercial entity whatsoever. For more information, I suppose you can head over to Absolute Nothingness because he has written about it in more detail.

On my side, setup was fast, easy and free. Within barely seconds, I had a running blog, ready for posting, tweaking, and ammending. Blogs run on the latest WordPress platform, and I am excited of its development. I am maintaining a blog there with domain name:

Check back time to time for absolute nonsense, the local kind. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Me es cheeky

  1. Ms M, as always, you’re…

    ANGEL of the morning! Now you may tell the whole world that you have encouraged another human soul to jump on the Bloggers’ bandwagon. I owe you a big one for this, Maurina. Have a great day, Angel!:)


  2. Wow like this blog service as well all features are open in wordpress. I am happy you shows the way to the right blogs. 🙂


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