Today in history

Dear readers,

Brace yourself. Today, is a big day for Turquoise and Roses. A beginning of sorts, and of course, an end too. Sob sob. However, today we must not cry, me must rejoice! For our eyes will never again be subjected to low resolution pictures of 1.3 megapixels!

I finally have, a decent digital camera! Wohahahaha.

A kind soul has offered to give me this as a gift. Probably this kind soul has almost been rendered blind by the extremely blurry camera phone pictures in this blog and thus decided that what I need is a real camera. Whatever the reason, that kind soul would probably end up being the father to my children.

Of course my picture taking skills have not transcended the realms of FOOD. Therefore, if you are an expert photographer  (one with a camera heavier than my laptop, with lenses bigger than my breasts), you are FORBIDDEN to comment on my pictures! Grr rowr grrowwwlll!!!

So yes, if you go around and happen to see a sexy hot chick with an orgasmic looking camera shooting at random inanimate objects while you’re out shopping and spending all your bonus money, don’t say hi. That is probably not me.  However, if you happen to be allergic to bloggers, GO IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

In the mean time, I am going to consummate my love with my new camera.

15 thoughts on “Today in history

  1. eseh dang camera baru iaaa. Bau cina tu ehhh…(eh buleh ckp catu kah sini?) hehehhe…baik jua org yg bagi kau hadiah atu… maw would say: biar ia..hehe nadawaaah..bah bila bergambars?


  2. Tina, beli tah, biartah kapeh di Singapore! 😛

    Haneq, 😉

    Dee, gila awu presh maseh baunya jangan kau. Wohaha, bisai2 ku gambar kau krg 😛

    Fabian, indeed!

    G`Ferro, nada nada. ZIP MULOT! Hahahaha.


  3. “Alah kenapa gambar kotak. Haha. Siuk ni be-camera sudah. Atu su-weet banar other half mu hehe. ”

    Kalau gambar camera sendiri payah tia.. haha. Unless gambar dari mirror.


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