Beau monde

I seriously think that my neighbours are one of the lucky few living what I consider la dolce vita. This morning I showered to the sound of them belting it out on the karaoke box. Mind you, I shower at 6.30 in the morning!

Yesterday as well, and the day before and the day before.


Suddenly I don’t understand why I have to brave through massive traffic jams and spend one hour every morning on the road between Sengkurong and UBD with my feet on the brakes while I can very well enjoy myself on the karaoke set!

I scoff at deferred gratification! Darn my middle class values! I should’ve married young.

By the way, speaking of traffic jams, to those using the Tungku Link highway (specifically the stretch between Jerudong, Empire and UBD), please try to NOT have accidents! DRIVE CAREFULLY especially during the rain! Otherwise you’ll not only ruin your car you’ll also make everyone else VERY late and thus very angry!

14 thoughts on “Beau monde

  1. I remember friends saying that it is better to avoid the specific route from Jerudong if you need to go to UBD, try use the one that leads to the Beribi roundabout and then head to Uni passing the Rimba area ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. hi maurina, i am not new to ur blog. i juz like reading ur articles. wat interest me to comment u on this article is about u on the road in the morning for 1 hour ur way to ur ubd. hmm… how come 1 hour? i live in kilanas area and nearly every morning going to ubd from my house at 7am and arrive about 7.30-7.40am. btw, i used senkurong –> jerudong –> to ubd using highway. dat is juz about 80-90km/hr. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Hi Keisuke-who-is-not-new-to-my-blog, actually I spend 40-45 minutes on the road but hey, my name is Maurina and I exaggerate. Hehe. I leave at approx. 7.20am and arrive usually at exactly 8am or a few minutes before (plus parking takes 5-7 minutes depending on space available). I come from Tanjong Nangka really not Sengkurong, the jam starts the moment I keluar my house simpang (and stretches to Kupang area… and even longer if ada police at the Sayidina Husin simpang). So Jerudong onwards (btw, bottleneck at the simpang Jerudong: 3 lanes merge into 1 lane), basically we go through the same-ish route lah yea? Maybe the traffic is worse twenty minutes behind?


  4. ooh ok… dat’s really bad because it’s just two way lane after sengkurong area. yea.. we’re in the same route. hmm.. not really worse i shud called. its normal traffic for me as it is called as peak time. the only traffic is going through sayyidina hussain school. it start from the leong wui shop area. sometimes it is shorter. anyway, i could have skip that traffic by going another route from tanjong bunut straight to the traffic light near the nasi katok jerudong. it lessen my time about 5-10 mins. no traffic problems after the school and entrance to ubd is quite clear than at nearly 8am i guess. but i think the traffic to sayyidina hussain shud be less after 7.30am but the problem is traffic at ubd entrance. dat’s wat i’ve observe though last month.


  5. Awu the one arah the UBD entrance stuck lah. Hehehe, paksa pandai2 tah memotong. The one di Tg Bunut is jalan kampong right? Go through Selayun… etc etc? I myself skip the traffic near Pantai Jerudong connecting the highway by going through Jerudong Park. Usually the one arah Pantai ada long line, and I skip 10 minutes by not going there.

    Haha, Keisuke look at us emosi with our morning routes, my friends cannot understand ni my fixation. They don’t understand tu boring kali ah traffic jam ani. ๐Ÿ˜› I usually use the time in the car while not moving to put on my makeup (powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blusher and lipgloss!!!) with precision and minum my breakfast tea. LOL. Sempat kali ah. Pakai shades. Hahaha.


  6. heheh… yup, jalan kampong… it’s easy to remember though… juz keep going right every junction u meet. ๐Ÿ™‚ well, the one on the pantai jerudong area i dun have problems der as the movement of traffic is ok for me. d one i really hate is when someone is trying to skip the long queue and potong at the end of the way. this usually happens at the sayyidina hussain school, jeruding to highway juntion and ubd entrance. so, i have to make strategy as to make sure no one goes in front of me to skip the queues. but watch out when they r trying to be in front of me juz to skip the queue. they are going to be embarrassed by me. heheh…

    yea2… i know we’re kind of emotional about the morning routes. it’s our perception bh… we have to make strategy in everything we do in our daily life even our morning routes. hahaha… taking breafast tea during traffic jam. that’s a good one though. but i usually do my breakfast at home. i usually sing though during the traffic jam. heheh…

    btw, juz wanna tell u dat i know who u are at ubd. we’re classmate in some of the courses we take except ur tesl and optional course. maybe we cud tegur each other at ubd. heheh…


  7. Hahaha, wahh, u know me? Famous famous. Eh tagur tahhh~ jangan malu2. Just say you’re Awang/Dayang Keisuke. Hehehe.

    Golden Girl, awu its amazing how far the comment box can go beyond flaming! LOL.


  8. hahaha… yup. famous tah bnr tu. yea, maybe next time i’ll try to tagur u or juz asked our fren hasanul. he knows me very well. heheh..


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