What do u mean superstitious?

Scenario 1

*door slammed close*

*Girl 1 walks out of house*

Girl 2: You’re wearing black! Isn’t that supposed to be bad luck?!

Girl 1: WHAT!? White’s bad luck. Don’t they wear white to funerals??? (Girl 2 was wearing white by the way)

Girl 2: Oh yea. But I’m pretty sure its black, black is like… mourning!

Girl 1: Oh yeaaaa… But I don’t have anything red! Ok let’s text B and ask.


“B, will we risk bringing the plague and 100 years of bad luck wearing black/white to your open house? ”


“Both colours are okay”

Both Girls: !!!!!

Girl 1: Is he sure???? Tell him to ask his Mum!


Scenario 2

Girl 1: I don’t know which one his house. No number.

Girl 2: Eh just look for RED LANTERNS!

*saw a house with men in cara melayu hanging out having a smoke downstairs*

Girl 1: This one lah Number 8. See that guy upstairs looks like B! Damn these people wearing cara melayu. So misleading. Chinese New Year wear the qipao lah.

Girl 2: *nods emphatically in agreement* YEAH!


Morals of the story:

1. Culture shock can also happen during cultural festivities.

2. Three overcompensating Malay girls will wear red accessories (namely tudong, earrings and scrunchy respectively) to a Gong Xi Fa Cai open house. Only one member from the family visited will actually even wear red.

3. These two girls really should try to find out more about the Chinese culture in Brunei!

16 thoughts on “What do u mean superstitious?

  1. “Three overcompensating Malay girls will wear red accessories (namely tudong, earrings and scrunchy respectively”



  2. Goose: SHBIE hahahah eh antah eh semua our classes start at 8am. And, baru pernah class ramai than 9 people!

    Haneq: Was true was true!!!

    Tina: Apparently, the superstition was.. during CNY must wear something red and new to bring good luck. (we saw on TV) but well, the family we visited were not particularly superstitious bah. Kami saja yang over!


  3. oh dear.. terasaku hahaha..

    i was alll in red except for my jeans yesterday!! inside olso red :p but elderlies r strict-er lah nowadays.. if u wear black gerenti kana jaling one :p


  4. i was going to a friend’s house after work and HORROR realised I was wearing black long sleeved *GASP*!

    So panic in the disco me called up a friend to ask if she had anyting that could fit my boobs. Said friend was still home and has smaller babies compared to mine but a ample ass tho.

    She didn’t have a lot of long sleeved of short sleeved bajus to choose from so in the end, i decided to go ahead with my top. paired with dull-ish pink capris. skali camouflaged by a big pink purple borwn shawl.


    comment from friend. “Hey!!! You look….(once over)….cold!”

    hehe. no regrets. the house was spacious but frickin cold.


  5. LOL! By the way, I wore red and black to a friend’s house, and my mom’s friend’s house. The sons of my mom’s friend wore dark blue shirt with white stripes and white shirt with black stripes, while my mom’s friend wore pink. They are not even wearing the qipao. My friend and his wife did wear qipao though.

    I guess if it’s not purely white or purely black, then it’s ok.


  6. That actually applies to individual, depends the family is “pantang” or not.

    Like me, my mum is ok if I wore black during CNY. But still…before visiting people house, please double confirm first lah~


  7. Hazirah: haha, aiseh plug away!

    Emma29: Hahaha, waw banyak information. Jaling2, tell them KURAPAT!!! Yikes Chinese people don’t kill me!

    GeekGoddess: EMOSI!!!!


    Sher: Hahahah me too!!!!!! Hi Sher!

    Nonnie: Awu yatah we msg just to be safe hahaha. Funny arrrr…


  8. Lol, i hope this post not yet bangas lah… XD
    Wait for reply from said “B” lah!

    Thanks for coming btw Mau, shoutz to F and Haneqz (if that’s the right person, i dont know this crowd orz), and all the other people who dropped by on the day.

    Hmm… lol, actually i dunno much about chinese customs/traditions/superstitions either. Yes, yello outside, white inside syndrome. It’s spreading u know.

    I only know my dad prefers not wearing black on CNY, but even if i wear it and kena tagur, it’s not really a serious tagur… I did that 2 yrs ago :p

    K then, i better stop before i overun mau’s blog and this reply becomes longer than her post…

    (in hindsight, to late i suppose XD)


  9. Edit: RE: Culture Shock

    o, at least with all the malay ppl around u dont feel out of place rite? imagine how i feel at malay weddings @_@ hehe


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