Bland piece of meat

Just came home from my usual Wednesday lunch with my sisters. We went to Sheraton Utama to have their not-shy-to-advertisements T-Bone Steak. It looks really good. Huge slab of cow flesh, laid on a fluffy bed of mashed potatoes, just waiting to be drenched in gravy.


Verdict? Ugh bad experience! It’s not so much the meat that’s the problem. It’s the overall lack of taste. I couldn’t even finish the dish, and I ALWAYS FINISH MY FOOD. It tasted of an omelette. Meat and eggs? I cannot even explain why!

I wouldn’t recommend this dish to anyone.  Don’t let the price tag fool you. Waste money somewhere else.

19 thoughts on “Bland piece of meat

  1. My anniversary was yesterday, I was planning for the T-Bone steak too.. tapi my Mrs. inda beliur. So tukar ke ILotus. Nyaman usul nya steak atu… hmmm may be tonite?


  2. This Tuesday at Excapade!

    The rules of the game: each commenter has to add only one detail to it, haha. Okay, not really, I was just having a little fun. 😉


  3. Mau, do you suppose you are liable to being sued for your negative comments about the S……. T-bone steak? 😉


  4. Tuesday = School Day = work till 12.30pm = stuck in traffic = got home late = cannot join lunch at BSB.



    During my term break ja, I’ll be super free that time.


  5. Maurina, kesian.
    when u said lack of taste, it could be the gravy is overpowering, or the t-bone is probably Buffalo’s T-bone and now high quality meat. Buffalos has very tough meat and thier odour is naturally too strong. Some chef will use cheap buffalo meats by tendering thier meat either using a tenderiser or boil to death! then marinade. that makes sense when u said it lack taste. because if i can still remember, T-bone is such flavourous part of meat with thick fats. T-bone is just behing the rump (Bontot) :).

    next time have a go at the chef n see what they have to say. Im against dodgy chefs.

    Ur picture show the t-bone is skinny like a size 0. t-bone in my classical knowledge should more thicker than that.

    support ur local chefs!


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