How very… interesting

I could’ve sworn that my lecturer (I wonder if I should put his name in), in a lecture about Professionalisation and Professionalism of the Teaching Profession (haha!), mentioned this random but academically researched fact:

A majority of people admitted and habitating the RIPAS Mental Unit are…. TEACHEERRRSSS.

However, I was marginally dreaming at that time about Margaret Thatcher being tricked by the Teachers’ Union in Britain (don’t ask) that right now I’m not sure if that is really what he said. Did he really say that?

Well if he did, GASP! What have I gotten myself into!!!!

9 thoughts on “How very… interesting

  1. haha! this is just random, but most poets and writers were accused of being insane and they were also admitted to mental hospitals, and FAMOUS poets too! those academics πŸ™‚


  2. If you think about it, though.. Thinking our of the box does drive you insane at some point. Then again, since when was insane boring, right? πŸ˜‰


  3. Mie, accused of being insane? Most of them committed suicide pon! Tina, yea I suppose, but I hope it doesn’t drive me to the point where I have to actually get professional (there’s that word again) help!


  4. yea accused. you also have to take into account that they were public figures and their works were adored as well as criticised. This has led them to commit suicide, well one of the reasons anyway. But banar pun banyak yang mentally unstable! kesian.


  5. Memie.. and maybe also the era they were in… the modernist poets.. living during the war…. pretty much everyone was really depressed.. then the post modernist ones… after the war, ada that economic depression.. coupled with the fact that they were public figures… well.. I’d be depressed πŸ™‚

    Nonnie.. or the other way around… Insaity drive people to depression. Hehe.


  6. It’s just that most of society can’t handle sheer brilliance hence they always label people who have that much more braincells a tad weird πŸ˜›


  7. o_O
    i can’t deny that teaching english in a government school sometimes made me want to hide in a corner, pull all my hair out and mumble nonsensical words.

    may we never need ‘professional help’ *grin*


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