I am 56% obsessed with my looks

Interesting! I was expecting a higher mark. According to this rather questionable-in-nature questionnaire I’ve stolen yonks ago, I’m not as obsessed as I thought! Have a try:

[x] sometimes for my bangs straightener (I’m very sensitive to the state of my fringe)
[ ] curling iron
[ ] crimper (Ewww, who uses this anymore? What am I? 12?)
[x] mousse
[ ] scrunchies
[x] hair spray (to keep in place the err, quiff? pouf? pompadour? whatever it is called)
[ ] other sprays
[x] bobby pins
[x] round barrel brush (It’s for my fringe, again!)
[x] blow dryer
Total: 6

[x] black eyeliner
[x] other color eyeliner
[x] eye shadow
[x] mascara
[x] fake eyelashes
[x] eyelash curler
[x] eye shimmer (to be fair I haven’t used this since PROM!!! Hello it cakes)
[ ] colored contacts
[x] stunna shades (haha, is that what kids are calling it nowadays?)
[x] eye makeup remover (!!!)
Total: 9 (I’m big on eyes apparently)

[x] clear lip gloss (again, not used in yonks)
[x] red or pink gloss
[x] chapstick
[x] lip plumper
[ ] mechanical toothbrush
[ ] teeth whitener
[x] lip liner
[ ] whitening gum
[ ] had/has braces
[ ] more than 5 chapsticks
Total: 5

Complexion/Overall face:
[x] blush
[x] moisturizer
[x] face wash
[x] bronzer
[x] makeup remover
[ ] face wipes
[x] powder
Total: 7

[ ] nail polish
[x] filer
[x] nail clipper
[ ] nail buffer
[ ] cuticle remover
[ ] nail hardener
[ ] nail brush
[ ] fake nails
[ ] nail scissors
Total: 1

Now, add your score and multiply it by 2.

Repost as “I am _______% obsessed with my looks.”

As you can see, I have apparently ran out of things to blog about and thus resorting to weird online questionnaires which does not make any sense such as this. Obviously, just because you own a lot of the abovementioned beautifying apparatus doesn’t mean you’re just absolutely obsessed with your looks (especially if you own a hair crimper, why don’t you just DEEP FRY your hair while you’re at it), it just means… you have more stuff than others.

Dear lord, I’m just bored.

Oh here’s a video which may/may not contribute to that A I (and my lovely partner) got for a recent assignment.


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