Because knowledge is power

I have a silly obsession with conjunctions since last year.

Conjunction junction,

What’s your function?

Hookin’ up words,

and phrases and clauses.

Such a catchy stanza! Hehe.

Anyway, for those who are still confused on what conjunctions are, here is a tip for remembering them, at least the subordinating ones. The ones that joins two phrases together.



Don’t be alarmed. It’s a mnemonic – meaning the two words stand for something.

W- While

E – Eventhough


W – When

A – Although

S – So that

A – After

B – Because

I – If

So next time you have wasabi with your sashimi, remember your conjunctions.

6 thoughts on “Because knowledge is power

  1. MiLady Maurina,

    It is so angelic of you to highlight this all-important issue of English English as it should be read, written, spoken and listened to.

    I am currently ‘mentoring’ a young man who had flunked his ‘O’ Level English for two consecutive years (June & November). And come this June, he is going to have another crack at this ‘highly-failed’ subject in the Brunei education system.

    I would strongly recommend your GVO-linked Blog to my ‘mentee’ as part of intensive preparations for his D-Day in the examination hall! ;p πŸ™‚


  2. REPLIES!!! (Finally)

    Ally: Are both Ally’s commenting here one and the same? Thanks to both comments. πŸ™‚

    Sha: Huahahaha! Nyaman kali ah sushi ani, biar kau craving!!! *evil laugh*

    Bard English: You are very kind to tutor that young man! πŸ™‚ I salute his strong will and determination, failing twice is a devastating thing that can crush one’s spirit. His courage is one which should be admired. Tell him the secret is to master his tenses!

    Mamalobengs: WOOOOOOOIIIII!!!! *highlight*


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