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…and so, appreciate your teachers.


Credits (unmentioned in the article) goes to a Mr Jim Welsh of SHBIE, UBD, whose researches (and contented humming) contributed to a major portion of this article. His lectures never cease to inspire us already-disillusioned-and-confused teachers-to-be.

4 thoughts on “BlogSpeak: Now every Wednesday.

  1. jim welsh!!! awww…

    like the mother duck who just pushes her ducklings into the water regardless of them quacking “i don’t know how to swim yet!!”

    indeed, he is 1 of my favourite lecturers. hehehe.

    w/o him believing in me and disregarding my results pre-gap year, i would not have de-unregister myself back into UBD.

    he is definitely one of the eccentric ones that I am proud to have as a mentor.

    teaching IS stressful. siapa ckp easy breezy ah, cubatah sehari mengajar. HAHAHA. w/o the training, it is not advisable to try and teach. u won’t be able to cope to. tuition classes is peanuts, man!

    however, there is no better feeling in the world like having your students tell you that you are cool and they want you to teach them because “THEY UNDERSTAND.”

    nothing can replace the light that shines in their eyes when they go “ahah!!”.

    the aches, tension just melts away or disappears…til bedtime when everything comes rushing back.

    then the next day, u go through it again.

    we have been warned, that is so true.

    i miss teaching. but really, i miss those moments more. teaching is relative.


  2. I know!!!! He’s really siukkk. And it’s so amazing that he makes teaching sound so… EASY!!! In fact he makes everything in life sounds easy! Mcm suddenly after listening to him u feel like u can do anything in this world!!!

    Btw, this is the last semester that he will ever teach in UBD. We’re the last batch ever! That’s part of the reason why I wrote this article.


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