I was just reading Food for Thought today looking for a certain PMS-friendly recipe involving rice, tomato, and cheese and while browsing through her recipes I accidentally read some comments made by Ihsan’s mother, affectionately called Ibu both on her posts and on her tagboard. Awwww, I just thought that they’re so cute!

I’m just reminded how often I read other bloggers mention their mothers on their blogs and how nice I thought that is. For example Syaz often put several references to her Babu, and so does Tina. So does Ness, and many other bloggers come to think of it.

I’ve never really mentioned mine here, except for some sporadic posts here and there. She actually does read my blog, and has so far been, extremely supportive of my blogging albeit still confused on what this is all about. Hehe.

Unfortunately, she became rather freaked out lately because of my last post about SEX. So I’m dedicating this post to her.

The last time I came home, she emphatically said to me,


…and declared the huge picture of that condom extremely blasphemous.

Ma, it’s better than buang anak. Kesian bah. Baik jua tau kan. πŸ˜€ It’s good to know.

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