If I don’t get it I’ll die

I wannnnntttttttt!!!! Can someone give me this? I’ve been DREAMING about it for the past 2 days!  I am now very obviously and utterly in looooove with it!

Though why is it that whenever I mention the fact that I want a PSP, people will say… “THE PINK ONE HA?”

Let me set the record straight. The pink PSP is first and foremost: MILKY pink. Me, I, am so NOT the milky pink type! Hot pink yes. But milky pink is just beyond me.


However back to the subject of this PSP, I would really appreciate it if anyone out there would like to donate me, or know someone who would want to donate me, a sleek and BLACK PSP for my entertainment purposes.

Waaaaaaaaa…… I wanttttt.. It’s so siukkkkkkkk~~

9 thoughts on “If I don’t get it I’ll die

  1. emma awuuuuu ni nahhh eh tais liur, tulung tah.

    shanobyl: ugly leh the pink. looks like a very unappetising bandung.



  2. haha.i know
    PSP graphics are nice
    My bro is also dying to get a PSP

    I just recently get a DS =p
    The games from DS are toward the cute type
    cek out my recent post . keke
    however, i am also flat broke now from buying DS …


  3. hahaha, nahhh!! maw nyanyat. C – bek jua bawa it with me masa tungu kawan bobby ahh~ klu inda, we die. =p


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