Let me extend an invitation into my world

Rules: Be quick as u can. You have 3 seconds for each answer to honestly put what comes to mind. Never know what your subconscious may be telling you. Give it a try, remember 3 seconds.

1. I need a cigarette: Insecure women

2. Sex: (I am so not putting what came to my mind)

3. Relationships: Degrees

4. Your Last Ex: Stalker

5. Power: Root

6. Marijuana: Merry-Wanna

7. Crack: Jokes

8. Food: Delicious

9. This President: Important

10. War: Unneccesary

11. Cars: Boys

12. Gas Prices: Hacked up

13. Halloween: Stupid

14. Bon Jovi: Bong Jovi (Indonesian version)

15. Religion: Organized

16. MySpace: Unorganized

17. Worst Fear: Drowning

18. Marriage: Expensive
19. Fashion: Pretentious (!!! Omigod! )

20. Brunettes: Rich

21. Redheads: Wanton

22: Work: Mary-Janes

23: Pass the time: Boredom

24: Football: Pitch

25: One night Stands: Unsatisfying

26: Pixie Stix: Them

27: Vanilla Ice: Gelato

29: Porta Potties: Toilet

30: High school: Smelly

31: Pajamas: Bananas

32. Wood: Bone

33. Surfers: Blonde

34. Picture: Frames

35. First Love: Overrated

4 thoughts on “Let me extend an invitation into my world

  1. Heck, supposed to be on hiatus, but here it is, mau.

    1. I need a cigarette: pity

    2. Sex: silly

    3. Relationships: friends

    4. Your Last Ex: married

    5. Power: knowledge

    6. Marijuana: weed

    7. Crack: drugs

    8. Food: satiation

    9. This President: order

    10. War: stupid

    11. Cars: fast

    12. Gas Prices: affordable

    13. Halloween: scary

    14. Bon Jovi: thank you for loving me (their song)

    15. Religion: muslim

    16. MySpace: not used

    17. Worst Fear: men (haha, yup, I think of men)

    18. Marriage: fear
    19. Fashion: trendy

    20. Brunettes: pandai

    21. Redheads: sexy

    22: Work: migrain

    23: Pass the time: procrastination

    24: Football: man united

    25: One night Stands: stupid

    26: Pixie Stix: pretty

    27: Vanilla Ice: vanilla flavour

    29: Porta Potties: ntah

    30: High school: memories

    31: Pajamas: shorts

    32. Wood: trees

    33. Surfers: hunky guys

    34. Picture: words

    35. First Love: is there any?


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