Royal Flags

Sorry, there won’t be a properly educational Sexy Saturday post today. I’ve been busy and I really do not want to churn out an unresearched post. Plus, I’m lazy.

However, this post is about marriage, or specifically, wedding; the Royal Wedding. The school staff was busy today sticking flags on the 400 mini flag poles which will be used for the big day on Sunday, where the Royal couple will be going around the Capital in a decadently decorated luxury car.

Phew. So on that note, congratulations to Princess Majeedah and her Groom, Pengiran Khairul Khalil, who will now probably begin an entire lifetime known to the general public as, “Princess Majeedah’s husband” (which is actually a common phenomenon among men who end up marrying pretty ladies).

But really, Allah selamatkan pengantin diraja. =)

…and thank god it didn’t rain just now.

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