Yes really. Yawn.

Just a thought: it’s really tons more fun to be tired as an after-effect of having much fun rather than being tired cause of uni-related stuff.

Anyway, I just got back from the RIPAS Emergency Unit half an hour ago (funny story which I cannot disclose) and I was just wondering how many doctors are on duty per night? Because there were less than 20 people and the wait was verryyyyyyy long (almost 3 hours?). Phew!

Maybe they’re understaffed. However, I thought the midnight staff was pleasant and helpful. I’ve heard horror stories. Hehe.

But here is a tip for those with pains, aches and swellings (who gets put in low priority lanes) planning to go to the Emergency Unit: bring a lively friend(s).

3 thoughts on “Yawn

  1. The last time I went to the the A&E was about 10 years ago when my mom accidentally kicked the bed post in the middle of the night and broke her toe. I ended up meeting the resident crazy guy. If memory serves me right, he was dressed in a silat outfit and bummed cigerettes off some other guy. Eventually he started talking to me but I couldn’t catch what he was saying.


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