Parents’ Day

Today I learnt that RAMBUTAN is a term that means “failed subjects”.

If you are a parent, here are some things I’ve observed today:

  • Parents of students from the weaker classes spend the least amount of time talking to their teachers
  • Weaker classes also get the least amount of parents coming while the top classes enjoy high parent attendance rates.

So what does that mean? Get to know your child’s progress in school, take the time to talk to their teachers, especially those of his weaker subjects. It seriously makes a huge difference.

4 thoughts on “Parents’ Day

  1. for the second point, i think it’s because most students from the weaker class tend not to tell their parents about the meeting – which was what my sister and her friends did dulu.. which was funny, padahal ada banner sebasar2nya about the meeting atu arah pagar slalunya, back in the days..


  2. yatah, nda kan ada banner sebasarnya atu pun nda nampak. even if nda kana bagitau, nda kan you as a parent don’t want to personally see your child’s report card. it’s a responsibility to ask and demand benda atu di mana.


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