Bisakah jelita luruh kuasa

And it is yet again another brand new week. His Majesty’s birthday is just around the corner and celebrations are a-coming.

Sometimes when watching him drive past me from the side of he road, I wonder (though I hardly think that I’m unique in having such thoughts), aside from the fast cars and financial decadence, what does it mean really to have so much power in your hands like he has.

So many people under his protection, seeking his constant approval, asking for kurnia, asking for anugeraha, asking for forgiveness, yet at the same time trying to treat everyone equal and the same.

I wonder how it is like to come from one of the longest royal lineage in the world, and having your every move being watched and observed closely from the moment you are born. What with secret weddings, two wives and all that money, scandal and gossip is always waiting at his door. He has to protect his reputation, in order to protect his people and his country. Sometimes he slips, sure, but everyone will forgive him.

Every move orchestrated. Every outfit picked carefully, so they will only highlight his strengths. Every word uttered meticulously chosen. Every friend cleared. Every place. Everything in life planned daily to the minute details.

What is his work load like? People treating him like royalty, because he is one. Ha! People tell him little white lies, and when he visits people cover up as much flaws as they can. Sure you want to appear capable but he can smell the fresh coat of paint, he can see the new curtains, he can hear your nervousness.

I wonder if he even likes that shade of yellow, his official colour. I wonder if he enjoys the performances that people put up for him during his birthday every year. The performances that are the same, and no one dares to change. I wonder what the royal birthday songs actually make him feel. I wonder who is his favorite singer, or what is his favorite song, or what kind of music he really likes.

I wonder if he wonders what it’s like to live a life like mine like I wonder how it is like to live a life like his. I wonder what kinds of books he reads and who’s his favorite author. I wonder if he had ever created a painting and gave it to someone as a birthday gift.

I wonder if he ever gets a moment to himself. I wonder if he’s ticklish. Ah well. Just can’t help but wonder. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Bisakah jelita luruh kuasa

  1. I think every one wonders about him too.. 😀 You realise he also seldom laughs out loud? (Can I say that kah?) Hehe.. The only hobby I know is that he LOVES cars.


  2. Exactly! The other day when I brought the students to the padang just to wave flags by the road side and wait for our turn for the tarian… I wonder,

    All the time and money spend on this celebration, worth it kah? Does he truly appreciate it or it’s just for show?

    Sometimes I really kasian the students.. wasting their precious time standing under the sun for hours instead of studying and preparing for exams.

    Which is more important? The one-day event or the children’s future?


  3. then again nonnie, he’s the one paying for the student’s future 🙂 so in a way i guess they owe him a little. the flag waving is not about does he appreciate the effort, but showing him that all the money spent and everything he does for the country is appreciated as well. whether the students like it or not, they owe their time there to him as well.

    maybe he seldom laughs out loud because people are so busy kissing ass hehe they forgot to relax and make jokes. we never know. unless we ask him.

    dee, all men loves cars fullstop. it’s wired in their genes. i have yet to meet a man who’s not enamored with vehicles.

    oh i know he likes coconut. 🙂


  4. teehehe. perhaps the most ‘mahal’ moment in my life was glimpsing the child in him.

    time he was deactivating this landmine in cambodia using a remote control. after that he laughed and clapped his hands!!! very the rare!barutah smua org ikut clap and laugh.

    oh, the sheer joy. totally like a kid iski playing with a toy. it wasp lang, only a real live one that goes KABOOM!!~

    mcm…omg, keeeyute!!! i was 3 persons away from him. siok lah liat him so happy. best experience eva…so far.

    and THAT was the picture i chose to appear in the paper…captured by my fav photographer.


  5. GG, thats a wonderful story. I think it’s cute that he has that little kid in him somewhere. I truly think that the Crown Prince has big shoes to fill. =)


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