URGENT: Ibook G4 12″ Charger needed

Yes just the charger. I’ve had problems with my charger since December. The wire which is supposed to be attached to the round plug that connects it to the laptop power outlet is.. putus (seriously cannot come up with the English word!!!). I have 11 minutes left on my battery as of now.

No amount of soldering is possible. Trust me.

Anyone has a spare they want to lend me? Contact me!

:(:(:(:(:(:(:( SAD!!!

12 thoughts on “URGENT: Ibook G4 12″ Charger needed

  1. I have the same problem with my iBook G4 12″ last year. All you need to do is dismantle the adapter and make a simple and proper soldering again to the circuit connection inside the adaptor.

    Though this will take a painfull steps, but its worth it. Just ask any electrical technician to do it. No Mac knowledge required. I do have the same problem to my PB Titanium 15″ adaptor… and I just did the same thing. It work marvelously.. without haywire

    Jangan tah ingau… banar nyangku ani


  2. Hermzz is right, Maw. You can ask anyone to fix it, it’s like cutting cucul punya wires open to combine it with another cucul’s wires to have share one plug on the wall. Something like that.

    But I won’t take the risk. You can try. Heehee.


  3. Hermz and Tina, when I say no amount of soldering is possible, I was serious! I’ve dismantled and soldered the thing twice before in January and it worked well, now, its putus some more, and nada lagi tinggal bah wayarnya kan disolder, unless someone ada the plug head yang spare ganya.


  4. Maw….sama….my laptop masa ani is on its holiday…because of the charger…mawie can fix it for you if u want.hehehhe…cuba liat my charger masa ani…berbandage everywhere bekas bersolder..hehehe


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