Be right back


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15 thoughts on “Be right back

  1. KIKIK??? indakan main kikik masa ribut, ujung2nya kana sambar tamparik. sadang2 jua bekikik. ijap ku. lakastah tani aerobik mau? btw bukan laptop rusak. jangan di minta2i. anu chargernya saja yang rusak.


  2. ohhh.. manakan nda online lagi.. aku atu kan mbagi good news.. ‘:) your charger arrived safely in my hands.. i wanted to ask u jua.. can i open it? just to see that it’s the right stuff.

    ps: jgn hiatus ani.. cybercafe byk berjurit! aga sna and type a post! ‘:)


  3. Muaz, ermmmm, ok, if by middle of August my charger not yet sampai then I’ll email you ah? Thanks for asking! πŸ˜€

    SHAM, AWU LAKASTAH KU KE NETCOM!!! hHAHAHA. Malas ku ingau. Ambong ku ambong! Yahoo iski ku charger ku selamat. Buka tia check. Tapi bisai2 jan garit. eseh.

    Sha, aha! Will try!


  4. i went to the mall gdg yesterday and there was some computer exhibition there. i saw universal laptop charger is being sell by one of the computer stall, Bit computer, if i’m not mistaken. it cost around $30+ if i’m not mistaken. i was juz telling if u might wanna try it.


  5. Good morning Maurina.

    I’m writing in behalf of Southeast Asian Bloggers United and would like to ask if you would like to be part of this young bloggers coalition. It’s a chance for us to let other SE Asian youths to show how we write and let them hear what we have to say.

    Thanks Maurina. We only sent 1 invitation in Brunei. We would be glad if you would give us the opportunity. πŸ™‚


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