Lame ass acronyms

So today, just now actually, my bestfriends (who I decided to name after the 7 random continents of the world to protect their identity haha) went over and hung out at my place for a pizza party. In between slices, one of us, Miss Africa, was telling us all about an ex-boyfriend who is hell bent on meeting up with her because he wanted all his stuff back, to which Mr Europe replied,”Eh mautah jua kan bejumpaaaa, FedEx saja bah

Being the normal lame ass we are, someone said, “atau pun pakai DHL saja

Then, one of the most priceless lines of the night:


Do u get it????????? Hahahahaha I was laughing so hard I almost puked chunks of tuna!

5 thoughts on “Lame ass acronyms

  1. LOL. Lame as this might be, but.. they say it’s better to use UPS than DHL, because UPS “Umban Pun Sampai!”


    Lame kan? Goodness. Lameness at this hour cannot be tolerated! Hahahaha.


  2. haahahahahaahahahah!!!!! Yatah this went on and we tried to interpret FEDEX.. which came to a nonsensical and stupid “Ferry England Dapat Ekseneksen X-ray”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell how sugar high we were????!!!!!!!


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