Everyday is like an open door!

Kulimpapatwoman has tagged me!

1. Tell us your name:
My name is Maurina. Just call me Maurina for short.

2. Three things about yourself:
– I sleep like a log (seriously)
– I don’t like using Windows
– Bad hand eye coordination (so no simban for me)

3. What’s in your playlist:
“Welcome to the 60s” from Hairspray’s soundtrack!!!!!

4. Your favourite music:
Currently anything from Hairspray’s soundtrack. I wanna go see the musical!!!!

5. Favourite guilty pleasure:
Escaping to my favorite spa and after that getting a LARGE Big Mac value meal, with an order of strawberry milkshake to be consumed immediately. Glug glug.

6. Favourite food:
Curry puffs, gulai pakis (which is a forest fern i think?), and pretty much anything drenched in extra virgin olive oil.

7. Define love:
Love is……………….. evidently very complicated to define.

8. Define sex:
Hehe, well, define the context in which the word is used. Hehe. An act of copulation for whatever reason.

9. Any celebrity crushes?:
Monica Belucci!

10. The last person you hugged:
I think it was Boyfriend’s niece.

11. The last person you talked to:
My mum! I said *while peeping out the window*, “macam kan labat hujan atu” and she said, “kan bejalan kau kah?”.

12. The last time you cried:
Hmm, I forgot. It was quite a while ago. Hehe.

13. The last time you had sex:
Ooooh wouldn’t you like to know?

14. The last time you made out:
Refer to Question 13

15. The last person you dated:
Boyfriend. (doh!)

16. The last time you went out:
Yesterday in between classes for breakfast! =D

17. What’s on your mind now?:
Question 13 and 14 haha.

18. What’s bothering you?:
The disturbingly delicious chicken corn fritters downstairs.

19. This year’s resolutions:
Probably something to do with spending less and saving more. I say that every year.

20. Your MSN nick:
Apparently it’s “Exam grade eraser”

21. What’s your MSN nick about?:
…an eraser, which is exam grade. Blink blink.

22. The people you miss the most:
Umm, no one really. Hehe probably because it’s a Friday. Ask me again on Wednesdays and I’ll have an answer.

23. Current mood:

24. What are you thinking?:
That my answers are probably the boringest ever in the history of blog-tagging.

25. Best childhood memory:
I remember the special days at some parts of the year when the weather is so nice and the waves in the beach at Danau won’t be too big that they’ll sweep us out into the ocean. On those days, the cousins and I would be allowed by the Nini and many pairs of parents to play and swim and do whatever it is kids do at the beach. We’d play for so many hours (sometimes from morning till almost maghrib) that by the time we finish, I can still feel the waves crashing on my body. Haha. It’s a funny sensation: like every few seconds, you’d feel as if someone is pushing you lightly.

26. 3 of your biggest fears:
– drowning
– heights (specifically the “plunging headfirst to my death” part)
– debts!

27. Who do you love?:
Absolutely everyone!

28. 3 of the things you hate:
– the smell produced by someone who just ate durian kuning when they burp hahah
– being broke and moneyless
– people who do not flush!

29. Do you blog?:
I have a feeling this questionnaire is copied and pasted from Friendster.

30. Tag 5 people:
Jirin, ShamNEO, JadeSimian, Dazzling, anddddd Shitsoil.


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