Ramadhan Blog Report: Andaman Restaurant

I am definitely full. I was just invited by Andaman to a nice sungkai buffet session with the usual suspects: Marul, Miss Foodie Tales, AnakBrunei, Rano and also Brukiosk representative, Syahreen.


I’ve really only been to Andaman, once before. For some reason it didn’t make the blog hehe. But I did remember Boipren and I commenting on the aesthetic quality of the restaurant as a whole. The building is really a simple affair with somewhat modern touches here and there. Neutral colours, zen-like garden, and clean edges give it a very elegant finish.

Empty Arabic tents: 3 hours to sungkai.

When I got there, there were already quite a few familiar faces. Bestfriend Miss South America was also there with her family.

The spread was quite generous, including a very interesting looking ambuyat corner. The picture above shows the appetisers’ table. Some of us commented on the Sambal Belacan, which was nice and absolutely fiery. Phew! There was quite a number of kerabus as well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t (couldn’t) really take a lot of pictures with MY BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY NEW CAMERA, because I was only relying on a measly 56 MB amount of memory? The place where I bought the camera ran out of the 1 GB memory stick that my camera was supposed to come with so I have to wait for a new stock of 1GB memory sticks. In the mean time, 56 MB it is. Also, because Andaman had a very dim and romantic twillight-ish kind of lighting, which I quite enjoy really. Unfortunately as a result, my pictures didn’t come out very pretty.

Top right corner: Star of the night, their lamb stew

When we first sat down and talked about their dishes, KBK’s Vice Chairman, Mas, had literally gushed on about Andaman’s lamb stew. Apparently it was their most sought after dish during catering events. It was actually not bad: the gravy was quite rich and the lamb pieces were very tender. It had a bit of fire in it, but not too much. It was the kind of stew you have with steaming, hot rice, instead of creamy mashed potatoes because it had a somewhat oriental twist to it.

There was however, quite a few older ladies who absolutely refused to touch it once they knew it was actually lamb. Hehe. Why’s that? I love lamb. These ladies were like, “ani apa ah?” (because the buffet trays weren’t labelled-I kind of wish they were though), and since I answer questions without realizing (haha), I unconsciously said, “kambing”. Then she abruptly dropped the serving spoon and moved to the next buffet tray. Haha. Sigh, I love lamb.

Overall, Andaman had a nice atmosphere going, and refills were quite prompt. I thought the waitors and waitresses were very friendly and quite knowledgable of the food they’re serving (I hate it when waitstaff don’t know anything about food: peeve!!!). There’s room for improvement but overall, it was a nice sungkai with great friends.

Andaman’s sungkai buffet is BND$9.99 per person and if you would like to make reservations, the number’s 2653355. For future reference, Andaman is also included in my Ramadhan Menu Specials List. 🙂

Oh before I go, a big fat HAPPY TEACHERS DAY to all teachers!!!! 😀

12 thoughts on “Ramadhan Blog Report: Andaman Restaurant

  1. Hi Rina,

    I’m glad you really enjoied yourself and hope that the food really did hit the spot. hehehe. Thanks for pointing out that the food was not labelled, I’ll let the manager know about it tomorrow. I really appreciate your comments and do let me know where are the places we can improve ourselves. Thanks for coming and will invite you for future events. hehehe. Again thanks and do come again, always happy to serve you.

    Best Regards
    Malai Masrhiem (Mas)

    “Empowering our Youth”


  2. hi maurina.. its me Alin(syahreen) hehehe… guess what? i think im addicted to Andaman’s lambstew & to the people out der.. pls repeat after me “we hail lambstew, we hail lamb stew”.. and if u guys didnt familiar about it.. come to Andaman & enjoy it!!


  3. LOL! Bwoh! Di bibir bibir maseh flavornya. Drool. Oiii puasa oi puasa!!! Haha. But yes, it was really nice though. Bahhh jaga, ada tah niiiii balik semula ke Andaman mengaga lamb stew nya. Hahah!


  4. btw where is Andaman Restaurant? Membagi tais liur jua membaca ceta kamu psal lambstew nya atu… hehehe.. and at nine ninty nine, its not so bad… hope the crowd is manageable…

    so… details about Andaman Restaurant would be appreciated…


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