Assignments again

Yes I’m posting to talk about my assignments again. Last week, I had to do a really fun assignment (FOR ONCE) for this subject: Guidance and Counseling. Basically we had to come up with resources for the “imaginary counseling room”. Mine was a poster on career services offered by the equally imaginary Guidance and Counselling Department.

Remember this post?

Did some alterations and walah!

This is a fun assignment. The student featured in the picture, is going to be great some day. Hope he realises that.

3 thoughts on “Assignments again

  1. hehe sure do i remember this pix.. baru kn scroll down..tip of his hand udah i realized n ada bubble-speech next to my head “eh suka banar ya d act in dis pix” hehehe.. btw i heard that ur posted to our school again for your TP… GOOD LUCK!!!


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