Maurina’s Losing speech

I’m number 4!

9% of votes!

Number 5 by Bahapa Kitani. Now waiting for Number 3, 2, 1 to be announced. GASP!

Congratulations to Muaz for getting Best Nominator! He raved about Turquoise and Roses and I became mighty kambang.

To be updated!


OMG! Rano got Number 3 with 24%. Awwwww! But not to worry, the amount of WORK he puts into his blog, going here and there, the camera, everything he does for his blog,  makes him Best Local Content Blog to me!

Number 2: KB Happening!!!!!!

Number 1: Kurapak and his flyers won!!!!!!!!! with 40% of the votes!!!!!!!!!!!

FREAKING HELL!!!! Definitely did not expect this!

So summary:

5: Bahapa Kitani

4. ME!

3. Ranoadidas

2. KB Happening


WOWWWWW! That last hour waiting for the results was definitely tense! I definitely did not expect Kurapak to be the winner. I expected Rano to rake in number 1. Whoa! Phew! A BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS TO KURAPAK!

This just goes to show, BRUNEIAN HUMOR trumps everything else! :D:D:D …and Kurapak is going to belanja! ….and Rano’s party is in December!

19 thoughts on “Maurina’s Losing speech

  1. Wow Mau, you pimp the whole layout. Nicceeee…

    Bah, jangan tah merajuk ani. I myself was also very surprise my votes surpassed yours and Rano. Nanti, I’ll teach u the art of campaigning.. hehee

    I agree with you Mau.. NO offence to anyone, I think Rano should have won and you should have taken the second spot. Better?? hehee


  2. what a suprising result..! Congratulation Tourquoise and Roses..! you just won our heart.. you are the winner.. keep it up..!


  3. Does the dark theme has anything to do with 4th place.
    Well, my friend, welcome to the 4th place club, we have nothing but booze, a punching bag and tissues.

    Anyway, Congratulations Maurina!


  4. Hi Mau, Cheer-up k, tani 5 the winners actually. me pun inda sangka me manang. me pikir antara Rano and You wah number one, inda apa, nanti tani reunion 5 orang ah, me blanja, just let me know bila u all free, Diandaman kah, dapat jua tani makan kambing macam masa puasa.

    p/s: link exchange tani, amacam?? i`ll link ur blog skajap lagi. okie mau.. i`ll cu when i cu!!


  5. Nashwa, CONGRATULATIONS NUMBER 2. Siuk manang. Nahhh, u can make prank calls with your new easi starter pack nyeheheheheh. Apakan lain. Inda merajuk dih, bila jua. I’m really happy for everyone. Tadi masa announcement, it was really SASPEN. Nantitah ku kempen buat roadshow di seluruh Brunei termasuk Sabah dan Sarawak. *tapi mesti bukan time banyak assignment* Hahaha, again, Congrats Princess!

    Bruneian, ehhh jan bah nangis ku karang. Rawan ati. hehehe.

    Affy hahahaha thanks ure right.. punching bag and chili cheese french fries. at least inda ku NUMBUR UNCIT. no offence to bahapa kitani.

    ALIN bah organise saja, aku datang bawa geng yakni parut. kekekeke. CONGRATS EH ORANG MANANG ANI.

    haji-k inda sadih eh. RELEK~ hehehehe jan ku dipujuk karang makin basar tangis. apakan. hahaha.

    sham nah ngalih saja strategy tani ariatu eh hahahaha. jan sorry deh, not your fault. 😀



  6. Hey Maurina… It was a good competition all the way.. If we could have just sell ourselves, it would have made a difference haha.. Anyway, you will be invited for the party tu.. It’s good to have someone defeating the favourites which shows you cannot take anything for granted 🙂 To Alin and Liza, I salute you for your efforts.


  7. Awu eh.. Nanti I follow style si Kurapak, buat banner arah roundabout Mumong hehee Bah geng ku yakni perut jua menunggu si Kurapak kan belanja. hahaa

    Thanks Mau.. the competition was in the name of good fun. Hope to meet you someday.. TA!


  8. 3 stripes yes it was definitely good competition! Am glad and honoured to be in the same ranks as u guys.

    Nashwa awu, jangan kan roundabout mumong, arah bandar bah arah the famous “indomee” banner ah. hahahaha. definitely had fun babe! hope to meet u one day as well!


  9. Jgn frust sngt with the result yer. Hehe. At least u know, u are 5 of the best in Brunei kan? There are others who wanted to be nominated p nda kana vote. Anyhow, congrats! Buat ur blog more “gempak-er” from now on! Hehe. Best of luck!!

    Btw, i think everyone’s into black now! Haha. Our blog pun itam! 🙂


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