Heads up

A nice article on FEMALE CIRCUMCISION next!

With visual aids no less. πŸ™‚

Give me some time to edit and compose yeah?

8 thoughts on “Heads up

  1. Omg maw, i had a rather fruitful sociological/human rights seminar on this last week and it kinda scarred me a bit. i raised the question why many western societies are against it well obviously since it is considered a norm for us. and i cant believe they went berserk when i told them i’m circumcised. one lecturer even went to the extent of asking how it feels to be circumcised. palui! talk about being professional! haha. but anyhoo, they showed us some images of the suppose ‘female mutilation’ and apparently in some parts of Africa they actually cut off the women’s clitoris. oh please tell me we dont do that! hahaha. palui and i was like, i dont think my clitoris was cut off. hahaha.

    oh you might wanna ask the elders how tani kana circumcised tho because sampai ani i still dont know. i asked some people and i still dont have a clue. i’m not sure if they dont wanna talk about it or they simply do not know pulang. but one told me that they just pierced a knife through it (i’m not sure which part) and not remove anything.


  2. Sher, in some African countries, girls who are in their early teens are the ones up for circumcision, unlike us who have it done as babies. I once read that over there, some people actually remove alot of the external genitalia with a sharp object such as a broken glass piece for instance without anaesthetic or disinfectant. This leaves a wound and the wound is then sewn back together using thread and a thorn as a needle, they only leave a small opening for urine and menstrual blood to pass through. The girls are then tied up, held up by their arms, their legs tied together to allow for healing of the wound and they are left like that for weeks, some of them dont live due to major blood loss. This is infibulation, an extreme form, what those people go through, thank God we dont have to go through that.

    Maybe thats why they went beserk when you told them that you were circumcised. The plight of women who have gone through one of the extreme forms of circumcision, namely infibulation is what they might have been thinking of, even to the extent of asking you how it felt.

    Maybe what us females here go through is hoodectomy or clitoridectomy, not sure, malas jua ku kan cek hahahaha.


  3. Ingelise: oh thanks for the information. πŸ™‚ yeah i remember reading something in the line of that. the paper that they gave us wasnt as describable and i never got around to researching some more on that. the seminar i had was on circumcission as an AIDS prevention tool in men. was pretty interesting i must say. but i really wonder how they actually do it in Brunei. maybe i should really find out. it would really be interesting to follow it up as a thesis too.


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