Only according to Hallmark

What is it about Valentine’s Day that’s religious? It’s all Hallmark.

This year’s V-Day, I spent the day having a late lunch of Roti Norbi (God bless her soul!), with my childhood bestfriend, H. Tickly thing cause I haven’t really hung out with him for over 12 years and there we were having lunch on Valentine’s Day.

He got 5As during the now extinct PCE and joined the “elite school” in the other district while the rest of us mere mortals went to regular schools. We never really kept in touch for some reason. Hehe.

So it’s really really great that we could practically pick up where we left off. (We’re working together now by the way, his the paid sort and mine not).

On seeing me first day of TP:

“I saw really bright coloured clothes, and it looked familiar. IT WAS YOU!”

I wore bright pink.

It’s nice knowing that you have friends you go way back with who you are actually still friends with. We were reminiscing of the olden days, Pocahontas lunchboxes (with cutlery set), a certain Math teacher, Doraemon comics.

…and the fact that I had no front teeth during Primary 3.

The cons of having friends that go way back. Like cousins: they remember EVERYTHING.

5 thoughts on “Only according to Hallmark

  1. I love getting together with old friends! I have a friend from grade school. She now lives in S.C. but when we get together, it is like we have never been a part, and talking about the old days is the best!


  2. Wah, I know. Some of the girls that I’m best friends with, we go way back.
    Oh yeah, they did remember everything, from my terrible parking skills (I have improved since then) to the crushes I had, lol!


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