In the news: well… me!

In the hustle and bustle of today (read: total vegetation and absolute nothingness), I completely forgot about the short interview I had when I bumped into Miss Zasika Musdi in front of the Dar yesterday. So I was quite surprised to see a picture of me in the Sunday Borneo Bulletin all bright and smiley. Haha.

Full article here.


So anyway, yes I was there in Seri Begawan yesterday, supposedly celebrating the climactic event of the month, something I’ve recently discovered is nothing short of obligatory, if you happen to be a teacher in a school located in the Brunei Muara District.

BUT ITS OKAY. Sensible heels come in red.

You know, this year’s motto of “Tunas Bangsa”, seem to hit quite close to home. I mean, as a “teacher”, it should, shouldn’t it?

I see their faces everyday, innocent and sweet, but sometimes tainted for many reasons: peer pressure, tumultuous family life, learning disabilities. Sometimes they have such defeatist attitudes and you wonder what made them so jaded this early in life.

Sometimes you just want to reach out to them and say, “it’s okay, I won’t leave you behind, it’s okay”. No child gets left behind. But you can’t help them all the time, sometimes the forces are too strong, and some will slip.

And you’re left behind, trying to convince yourself, you tried your best. So had better damn well try your best. Because empty words, will haunt you.

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