YL Tango 1, Live from Sandakan


/edit Checking into the hotel. Photo by Amali.

Hello everyone!

I am now sitting comfortably in Sanbay Hotel, Sandakan, with the rather androgynous receptionist in plain view. Yes, the wireless connection is only available in the lobby. We arrived here 90 minutes ago and after gpoing into my room (shared with Ezanor Kasah from BT) for a quick shower and some photo resizing, here I am!

To answer everyone’s questions, I was not carsick, or even remotely close to it! I was however rather bored in Tango 1 and thus spent quite a chunk of my time napping comfortable (as you can guess, I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere), while being serenaded by constant radio transmissions from the other Tangos.

Tango 1: Minta perhatian, YL di sebelah kiri jalan.

2 hours later

Tango 3: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, straight ahead you can see a buildup of rain clouds that concur that in a few minutes we will be experiencing some light rainshower. *pause static* We will experience some turbulence.

Some hours before

Tango 5: Kepada Tango-Tango yang mengikuti ekspedisi ini, saya telah membawa my medical kit bersama, so jika anda mengalami pening-pening, muntah-muntah, demam, atau sebarang tanda tidak sihat, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are in Tango 5.

*static pause*

Random Tango: Ya tuan tuan dan puan puan, diharap janganlah malu-malu untuk meminta pertolongan tuan doktor yang berada di Tango 5, tetapi harap maklum, ‘special’ massage services are not available.

So as you can see, this is an extremely self-sufficient group. Jokers are aplenty, though it may get quite obscene!!!! I’m blaming it on the testosterone levels!

Anyway, as promised, here are some rather pathetic looking pictures, taken by Darling. I’ll try to get some excellent Gemilang Photogs to donate me some pictures tomorrow, but tonight, I’m afraid it’s just you and me!


I don’t believe in sensible shoes.

During long trips, peanuts are out friend! Sponsored by Syarikat Sharimah. 😀

During the flag off by the Pemangku Pegawai Daerah Tutong.

We have a sunroof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fleet commander by the way.

Picnic packs sponsored by Mutiah Restaurant. Thanks!

Here are the food we had in Keningau at Ngau Chap restaurant, if I’m not mistaken. Will edit this if I got the name wrong.

YUM! I especially like the long beans! We also had Bubur Kacang and some Payau Curry (tender and delicious!). But I’m already rather sleepy and pictures are taking FOREVER to upload. Will leave you now.

Maybe tomorrow I will blog from Kudat!

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