Terrific end to a terrific holiday

See those red things in the distance? 

Gosh, what a day! In fact, this must be one of my most productive holidays ever! First time for so many things.

  • Gemilang Sabah XPDC (also containing my first amateur radio experience)
  • Red Crescent School Holiday Camp (a first for the school, and for me!)
  • First trip to Pantai Seri Kenangan with my bestfriends EVER
  • First ride on the… bike thing (you know, the one with the four wheels, thanks to her boyfriend!)

No doubt this list would grow longer if I am more awake! Hehe. By the way, will blog about those red…. things in the distance tomorrow, perhaps. (You know how much I hate Mondays)

But, what a day!

WOW! Welcome back to school everyone!

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